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Driving Tips For March Break

March Break DrivingSo you're ready for a March Break adventure? There are thousands of miles of beautiful roads ahead of you that lead to fantastic beaches and attractions, exhilarating theme parks, delicious restaurants, and quiet retreats. Along the way however, there could also be traffic jams, wrong turns, and sky high gas prices. 


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How to Safely Drive a Van Rental

Van SafetyThe first time driving a van for anyone is a different experience.  Vans don't handle like a sports car, or even a midsize sedan. Your van rental will be longer, taller, and have different sightlines than the average vehicle.


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How to Properly Adjust Your Car Rental Mirrors

Mirror SafetyImagine never being able to see other vehicles on the road until they are in front of you.

Now imagine trying to do this in a car rental vehicle you're driving for the first time. Anytime you step into a vehicle, especially a vehicle you're unfamiliar with, safety and taking the precautions necessary to protect yourself and your loved one's becomes priority number one.


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The Five Worst Conditions to Drive In

Road ConditionsDo your palms clam up at the thought of black ice and whiteout conditions? Would you rather spend the day at the dentist than 20 minutes trapped in rush-hour traffic? Well, you're not alone! Bad driving conditions can drive even the most experienced rental car customer crazy.

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How to Drive a Stick in Ten Easy Steps

Stick Shift DrivingTry as you might, sometimes you can't avoid manual transmission car rentals. When automatic isn't an option, remember these 10 quick tips for driving a stick.


1) Understand How Things Work

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Ten Tips to Avoid Road Rage

Road RageThink your aggressive driving is acceptable on the roadways? Think again. Yelling, gesturing and retaliation aren't just unacceptable actions, they're down right unsafe (and often illegal). From tailgating to speeding, aggressive driving causes many independent car rental drivers to lose their cool behind the wheel.

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The Worst Cities In the World for Driving

Worst Cities to Drive InIf you're thinking about planning an international road trip with friends, you may want to consider skipping the following destinations.

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Safety Tips for Driving Your Car Rental on the Freeway

Freeway Driving TipsAt first glance, freeway driving seems relatively simple: there are no intersections, stoplights or pedestrians. The chance of getting into a collision on a freeway is slim – and yet, the collisions that do happen on these roadways cause more vehicle and damage due to higher speeds.

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Top Ten Worst Driving Habits

Bad DrivingHow many of the following driving boo-boos have you committed lately? Car Rental Express looks at the top ten worst driving habits and how they affect our daily commute.


10. Tailgating

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Cell Phones, Bluetooth and Driver Safety

Driving While Using Cell PhoneDid you know…

Texting while driving increases your chances of being in an accident by 23%?

Nearly one in five fatal distracted-driving crashes in 2010 reportedly involved cell phones?

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