Driving Tips For
March Break
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Driving Tips For March Break

March Break DrivingSo you're ready for a March Break adventure? There are thousands of miles of beautiful roads ahead of you that lead to fantastic beaches and attractions, exhilarating theme parks, delicious restaurants, and quiet retreats. Along the way however, there could also be traffic jams, wrong turns, and sky high gas prices. 


That's why we've compiled a list of driving tips for your March Break car rental excursion. There is a long list of quality independent car rental agencies across the country to help you enjoy your spring break, and here are some driving tips to help you enjoy the drive.


Familiarize Yourself With Your Car Rental: This might seem obvious, but every car rental you climb into will handle slightly different. Set your mirrors , adjust your seat, take a walk around the car, and learn how to operate your windshield wipers, headlights, and blinkers. Before you pull onto a busy highway, or navigate the streets of a new city, it's best to learn a little about your car rental.

Stop and Enjoy Yourself: Even though your independent car rental vehicle will be comfortable and fun to drive, it's important to stop and see the sights; after all, that's what your March Break vacation is for. Whether you're visiting the Grand Canyon, Empire State Building, or spending the night at Grandma's, it's important to get out, stretch your legs, and enjoy yourself. Taking a break will keep you alert on the road, it's good for you, and you'll save gas in the process.


Speaking of High Gas Prices: Always make sure you fill up your car rental vehicle before returning it to your rent a car location. As well, with mobile technology these days, there are hundreds of apps and websites designed specifically to tell you where you'll find the best gas prices. Just think, you can save money using an independent car rental company, so why wouldn't you want to save at the pumps as well?


Learn the Rules of the Road: Obviously if you're driving a car rental you already have a valid driver's license, but that doesn't mean the rules of the road are the same in each country, state, province, county, or city. Make sure you educate yourself on any unique laws, speed limits, or regulations in your destination. There is no reason to ruin your March Break car rental excursion with an annoying and costly ticket.


Use a GPS: Maximizing your time on any March Break or Spring Break vacation is important. If you have an option to upgrade to a car rental vehicle with a GPS, or you can bring your own, a GPS can save you wrong turns and wasted time in new locations. Most GPS systems are easy to use and safe. If you don't want to use a GPS, at the very least, pick up a map for your co-pilot or print directions off the Internet.


Stay Calm: If you're travelling to a tourist destination, you'll likely run into increased traffic volume. It's important to stay calm and leave your road rage at home. Remember, your car rental excursion is supposed to be fun and relaxing. If you're simply traveling to a family member's home away from the hustle and bustle of many tourist locations, you might even find less traffic on the roads. Otherwise, relax, stay calm, and plan for slight longer drive times.


Keep Your Eyes Peeled: With kids being out of school, you'll need to be extra vigilant while driving your car rental vehicle. Often, March Break means the first signs of warm weather, and kids and families flock to local parks, into their yards, or are busy walking, jogging, and riding bikes down sidewalks. During Spring Break, it's important to keep your eyes peeled at all times to avoid accidents involving busier roads, and busier areas surrounding the roads.


Now that you've read our March Break driving tips, it's time to reserve your car rental vehicle, and get going. The road and your destination are waiting for you, so don't delay – reserve your independent car rental now!


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