How to Properly
Adjust Your Car
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How to Properly Adjust Your Car Rental Mirrors

Mirror SafetyImagine never being able to see other vehicles on the road until they are in front of you.

Now imagine trying to do this in a car rental vehicle you're driving for the first time. Anytime you step into a vehicle, especially a vehicle you're unfamiliar with, safety and taking the precautions necessary to protect yourself and your loved one's becomes priority number one.


That is why adjusting it's so important that you adjust the mirrors in your independent car rental. Properly adjusted mirrors help keep you aware of your surroundings, minimize your blind spot, and will enable you to safely navigate almost any driving terrain. Checking your mirrors every 5 to 7 seconds is ideal, but it isn't enough if you haven't properly adjusted the mirrors on your car rental. Here are a few tips to assist you with your mirror adjustments, and to help you and your passengers arrive safely at your destination.


How To Properly Adjust Your Sideview and Rearview Mirrors


Rearview Mirror: The simplest of mirrors to adjust is your center rearview mirror. For any mirror adjustment, particularly in a new car rental, you should sit in the driver's seat, and first adjust the seat to a comfortable driving position; sit as though you are about to hit the road.

To adjust your center rearview mirror, simply point the mirror at the middle of your rear window. You should be able to see directly out the center of your rear window. To assure you're looking at the center of the rear window, take a look at both headrests, or focus on the outside edges of the rear window. If either edge or headrest is more visible than the other, you'll need to re-adjust the headrest in your car rental until both are equally visible in the frame.

Similarly, you need to be able to see the top and bottom of your rear window. Glancing into your rearview mirror only to see the ceiling of your car is of no use. Once you've properly adjusted the rearview mirror of your rental car, it's time to position your sideview mirrors.


Sideview Mirrors: When it comes to eliminating your blind spot, properly adjusting your sideview mirrors and regular shoulder checks are the most effective methods. Similar to your rearview mirror, your sideview mirrors are there to help you see the road, not your car rental. Some car rental vehicles will have power sideview mirror adjustments, while others will need to be manually "pushed" into position.


Regardless of the adjustment style of the mirrors in your rental, what you should see in your sideview mirrors while seated in the driver's seat remains the same. To adjust your driver's side mirror, lean as far as you can toward your mirror, and then tilt your mirror so that you can just barely see the rear of your car rental vehicle in the mirror. When you sit back in your seat, it may seem like your mirror is too far out, but it is actually now showing you part of your blind spot as well as maximizing your view of the road beside you. To adjust the passenger side mirror, simply lean to the midline of your vehicle, and repeat the same steps you did for your driver's sideview mirror.


What is your blind spot and how to get rid of it


Simply put, the blind spot in your vehicle is any place on the road that can't directly be observed or seen while at the controls of your vehicle or by glancing into your mirrors. Often, to see a vehicle in a normal blind spot, a driver will need to turn their head to glance over their shoulder or out a side window. With proper mirror alignment, which will eliminate the overlap between your rearview and sideview mirror, your blind spot in your car rental vehicle can be virtually eliminated allowing you to safely monitor traffic behind and beside your vehicle.


Before you pull out onto the highway in your new car rental, make sure you adjust your rearview and sideview mirrors. It's an important step to protect your safety, and the safety of other vehicles around you. In all, it's a task that will take you less than 5 minutes, but can save you a lifetime of trouble.


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