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Didn’t get my calls returned after leaving name and number when my car was picked up. Found out day of how to pick up my car and where I would be picking it up. Was forced to get insurance otherwise i would not be able to drive off with the car. This was not communicated after denying insurance coverage originally.
Fri Nov 24, 2023 - Renter Review

Expresa Van was old. I would liked a newer van.
Wed Nov 22, 2023 - Renter Review

Overall the worst experience in every way. We received a quote only to find that the contracted company did not even carry that type of vehicle. We were required to pay more than 200$ over the quote to get any kind of vehicle or be left stranded there. Specifically we were quoted 1234.17 and then had to pay 1596.50. The company then billed us twice for the payment, charging our credit card over 3000$.
Thu Nov 16, 2023 - Renter Review

Rental van was in terrible shape. Alignment was skewed left. AC belt was slipping (causing AC to only work when driving). Rear cargo door got stuck and wouldn’t open. The worst part is that the van broke down. It would not shift out of reverse. The only reason we made it back was because I had mechanical experience and was able to reconnect the shift cable back to the transmission. customer service was good but I’m very unhappy with the van itself. It jeopardized the safety of my group.
Tue Nov 14, 2023 - Renter Review

No comments everything was great thank you
Mon Nov 13, 2023 - Renter Review

The price that I receive first. It’s completly different. I paid more than the double finally. I felt cheated.
Sat Nov 4, 2023 - Renter Review

The actual rental company was not EZ Rent but Sun Diego Rental, this information should have been disclosed to the customer upfront. Also, the first booking was canceled because I missed a call from EZ Rent, but only got voice mail (multiple rounds) without the agent returning my call. I managed to booked again and talked to the agent to put in my deposit. Lousy booking process.
Wed Nov 1, 2023 - SD Wedding

Ez van rental should not be in business. Really bad costumer service. Will never rent through them again. It is just a referral . They do not own the vehicle.
Fri Oct 6, 2023 - Renter Review

It's the 2nd time I rent a van with you but ain't going to be a third. There's always a problem with you guys. How's it possible that you double book the van that was for us, when we arrive with 2 kids in the night and there wasn't anyone to delivered the van and in the morning when we came back we found out that there was never a van for us. I speck a full refund without more trouble from you.
Mon Oct 2, 2023 - Renter Review

Quoted- added insurance - asked if additional charges - told NO - credit card billed over triple quote - called- told I would receive a partial credit - NO CREDIT RECEIVED
Mon Sep 25, 2023 - Renter Review