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The reservation connected me with a contracted vendor, and the scheduling was synced badly. The previous user was schedule to return 3 hrs after my reservation, putting me 3 hours behind all day. Also, there was an extra insurance charge that was not included on the confirmation, and it doubled my price. The EZ Rent A Van agency is great: the contracted delivery company failed in the delivery of the service.
Thu Apr 18, 2024 - Renter Review

Not having my car ready after I emailed and called several times to confirm is heartless. Not to mention you stopped texting when I asked for help. Shame on you
Mon Mar 25, 2024 - Renter Review

We were given the wrong pick up address. We were hit with a huge charge for commercial insurance which we were not told about. Very unprofessional.
Thu Mar 14, 2024 - Renter Review

We reserved a new Mercedes passenger van months in advance for our daughter’s wedding. I checked in w the rental agency a few times to make sure things were as reserved. I was assured everything was good. I shows up to get our van and the actual place I was getting the van from had received no reservation for me and had no van. I was totally unaware that EZVan rental was a 3rd party rental company and that I was not dealing w the actual company. These people did their best to get us a van.
Mon Mar 4, 2024 - Renter Review

Hopefully, we can rent a van from you next time.
Tue Feb 27, 2024 - Renter Review

Great service from Patrik. Picked us up at the CBX and was a great help with any jiggles we had.
Sun Feb 18, 2024 - Jellyfishboxing

Fantastic service from Patrik, door to door service, ever helpful. My go to for vans in San Diego
Sun Feb 18, 2024 - Jellyfishboxing

Thank you. Service was professional and the process went smoothly. Will use them again.
Wed Feb 14, 2024 - Renter Review

I had the worst experiebce ever!!!!!!! first I had to take 2 shuttles to pick up the rental.They tried to charge me $300 more than my confirmation quote and $1000 deposit which was not on the confirmation also $217 a day commercial insurance which was also not told that I would need . I ended up having to find another company to rent from. Keep in mind Im traveling from Alabama with 6 other people for my Bday weekend and this is ALL of our first time in California. HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!
Wed Jan 24, 2024 - Renter Review

EZ rent a Van San Diego is a third-party rental company, not a direct Van rental company. Final pick up day got an email from EZ Rental, instructions where to pick up the Van. I was surprised the address that was given to me was for NU car rental. The contract price $3800 for 18 days from EZ van rentals, while NU car rentals contract price $6691 for 18 days. Got no choice I have to go with the NU price. I have to pick up my families at LAX.
Thu Jan 18, 2024 - Renter Review