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I had a good experience renting at City car and truck rental
Thu Aug 5, 2021 - Renter Review

Great value and customer service
Sat Jul 17, 2021 - Renter Review

Very good experience
Fri Jul 16, 2021 - City Car & Truck Rental

City car rental jas very economical rates great service, fantastic service, courteous people Will recomend them to everyone
Fri Jul 16, 2021 - City Car & Truck Rental

Good experience!
Wed Jul 14, 2021 - Mish

Very clean and quick process.
Wed Jun 30, 2021 - Renter Review

Great experience.
Wed Jun 23, 2021 - Renter Review

It was easy to rent from, by far the best value, the km’s are limited so just be mindful of your needs in terms of distance driving. It was perfect for what I needed and would definitely go back.
Tue Jun 22, 2021 - Mike

Really good service and the staff were very giving very good customer service. Very good rate compared to other company and giving new cars models that is amazing.
Tue Jun 15, 2021 - Renter Review

Overall good experience. I will come back to rent here again!
Mon Jun 14, 2021 - Renter Review