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Best price/value in the Toronto area. Wonderful, completely new car. Would rent again for sure.
Wed Jun 26, 2024 - Renter Review

Every thing was good and fast.
Fri Jun 21, 2024 - Renter Review

The staff were very professional and courteous. We waited less than 5 minutes for our airport pick-up and drop-off. Our vehicle was upgraded and the rates were very competitive. We will definitely use City Car and Truck Rental every time we come to Toronto.
Tue Jun 18, 2024 - Ed

Excellent company and great people to work with . No hassles
Sun Jun 16, 2024 - Renter Review

They’re friendly and professional
Sat Jun 15, 2024 - Renter Review

All was good
Mon Jun 10, 2024 - Renter Review

I am waiting for my money back for extra charge. Thank you
Mon May 16, 2022 - Renter Review

Great service
Thu May 5, 2022 - Renter Review

The service from start to finish was excellent. Thank you very much for making our experience so pleasant
Sun Nov 14, 2021 - Edgar

it was great
Sun Nov 14, 2021 - Renter Review