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Little bit far from airport, otherwise all good

Report abuse Tue Jul 6, 2021 - Kim1

We were pleasantly surprised that we could be picked up after hours due to a flight delay even though there was a cost for this. When we returned the vehicle we were returned directly to the airport terminal. There was a mix up in our reservation but it was resolved amicably. Everyone involved was courteous and did their best to explain the circumstances which helped us to feel comfortable with the contract.

Report abuse Wed Feb 19, 2020 - Renter Review

Great service and vehicle

Report abuse Wed Jan 29, 2020 - Renter Review

I love the car they rent I’m coming back for a next rental I’m April ❤️

Report abuse Tue Dec 31, 2019 - Renter Review

Advance Car Rental picked me up quickly from Viscount Station near the Toronto Pearson airport. They were fast and efficient with the car rental process and the car was in great shape and a very competitive price. On the return, they met me after hours and drove me back to the Viscount station. I would definitely rent from them again.

Report abuse Mon Aug 26, 2019 - Renter Review

Thank you so much for a lovely experience!

Report abuse Tue Jul 30, 2019 - Renter Review

Terrible experience. Paid extra $50 for an after hours pick up at YYZ. Was expected in at 10:00 PM but our flight was delayed. I called before my flight took off to inform them that my new arrival time would be around 12:00AM. I was told “No problem”. We finally arrived at 12:38 AM and I called them immediately. They had sent the driver home and I was stuck at the airport with my two children and had to take a $50 Uber ride to my condo. Cancelled my reservation. They suck!!

Report abuse Fri Jul 5, 2019 - Renter Review

Very good

Report abuse Mon Oct 15, 2018 - Renter Review

The charges were messed up a few times. I still need to follow up on a charge made August 28 as it was incorrect. You meed to improve your accounting team.

Report abuse Sun Sep 2, 2018 - Renter Review

We will rent from them again.

Report abuse Sun Aug 12, 2018 - Renter Review