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Travel Boondoggles

Crazy Parking Images - Can Anyone Relate?

Does this video ring true to any of you, my readers?  Are you laughing after watching this?  Crying?  Feeling as though you can TOTALLY related to some of the rediculous footage of vehicles trying to 'park'?  Well, do not fret if you have experienced similar parking catastrophes because quite frankly, you are not alone.

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Rental Car Woes in Costa Rica

Renting a car when you're in Costa Rica is a must. There really isn't any convenient way to get around unless you can provide your own transportation. However, making sure to do your homework ahead of time is key. Don't fall into the same trap I did - waiting to book a car until the last minute means big risks and even bigger woes.

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Your Biggest Car Rental Fears Revealed

Car Rental FearsWhat worries you the most about renting a car? Is it anxiety over the insurance policy, or the threat of mileage overage charges? Are you worried that the company will double book your vehicle or worse, lose your reservation? Reserving a quality car rental used to be one of the primary sources of pre-vacation stress, but thanks to Car Rental Express, things have changed.

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Beware of the Mazatlan Mountain View

ImageWhich part of this street looks like a mountain to you? To me, it is much flatter than that, with more cars than mountain goats. What is really missing, in an entire fleet of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself in this story about the innocent title of "Mountain View Room" in Mazatlan.

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Jerusalem + Snow = A Never Ending Bus Ride

ImageLooks pretty, doesn't it? You have never gazed upon true beauty until you've witnessed the holy city of Jerusalem all glittery in the snow. The mix of golden architecture mixed with the white snowy gloss is truly breathtaking and as long as you are able to kick back and admire from the comfort of your apartment/hotel/dorm window all is perfect... perfect, that is, until you have to go somewhere!

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Rent-A-Car, When the Airport is All Fogged Up

ImageOur intrepid powder ski team wannabes have a serious decision to make each winter. Will we brave the windswept passes of the Coquihalla highway to get to the B.C. Interior? Or will we play roulette with the Kelowna airport snow and fog closures? Either way it means traveling a day in advance, or risking forfeit of a prepaid powder resort booking. Not to mention the joys of face shots, days of puking snow, and dodging trees and cliffs. All good fun.

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