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Crazy Parking Images - Can Anyone Relate?

Does this video ring true to any of you, my readers?  Are you laughing after watching this?  Crying?  Feeling as though you can TOTALLY related to some of the rediculous footage of vehicles trying to 'park'?  Well, do not fret if you have experienced similar parking catastrophes because quite frankly, you are not alone.

Not too long ago my famiy had to upgrade to a larger car.  I vowed I would never drive, let alone own a minivan.  But lo and behod, after 3 children and the adoption of a 75 pound dog I had to succumb.  And here I am, approaching 40 and the proud owner of an extra large white minivan.  I have officially become a 'soccer mom' (even though none of my kids play soccer... you catch my drift though).

And having a minivan really isn't as bad as I had anticipatead.  There's tonnes of space for the kids and their friends, the dog is happy to be able to stretch her long limbs (and shed profusely) on the floor in the back and I can load up the trunk with as many Costco items as one can imagine (toilet paper included!).  But, as is with life, with every good thing comes the bad...

Parking!  Yes, I am not embarressed to share - I hate parking my minivan (or more commonly referred to in my house - my boat!).  I have been driving for years  and parking has never posed too much of a difficulty for me.  Sure, I've dented the odd fender, side door and scratched up a few tires in my time - but nothing overly serious.  And then came the minivan.  Not only do we own one, but also must rent a cheap minivan when traveling as a family.  Every time we pass a Fiat or Fortwo I get driver's envy.  How lovely it would be to fit into parking spots the size of a shoe box.  No such luck for me.  I need space.  I won't elaborate on some of the scratches, dents, bumps, and scrapes I have added to our car (as well as to the unfortunate vehicles parked near mine) but will say this, do not feel alone if you hate parking large vans, cars or SUV's.  It's not easy.  Just try to be careful. 

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