Your Biggest Car
Rental Fears Revealed
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Your Biggest Car Rental Fears Revealed

Car Rental FearsWhat worries you the most about renting a car? Is it anxiety over the insurance policy, or the threat of mileage overage charges? Are you worried that the company will double book your vehicle or worse, lose your reservation? Reserving a quality car rental used to be one of the primary sources of pre-vacation stress, but thanks to Car Rental Express, things have changed. Over the years, we've helped alleviate hundreds of car rental fears and phobias, including the following:

1)    Extra Items = Extra Costs
GPS systems, child seats, snow tires, satellite radio – the list of rental extras can often be as long as your arm. Unfortunately, not all car rental companies explain the hidden costs associated with these travel perks. Hidden costs have always been a major concern for car rental travelers. That's why we've made upfront pricing a prominent feature of the Car Rental Express online booking tool. You won't find any secret costs here – just genuine value.

2)    Mileage Overages
Nothing ruins a vacation quite like a big, fat mileage overage charge. Mileage limits and restrictions are a big fear for many car rental customers – some travelers even go so far as to restrict their travel itinerary in order to stay within the maximum mileage requirements. Talk about frustrating! If you're worried about mileage overages, book with CRX. Our user-friendly online system displays mileage requirements right from the beginning, making it easy for you to find rental offers that feature unlimited travel allowances.

3)    Double Booking Nightmares
It's every parent's worst fear: the spacious minivan rental you booked three months in advance is no longer available when you arrive to pick it up. Now you're stuck with the world's smallest compact car, a grumpy husband, two kids that can't stand to touch one another, and a five hour drive to your resort. Welcome to the vacation from hell! Double car rental bookings are rare when you book with CRX thanks to our unique fleet management tools. This state-of-the-art software enables our clients to stay on top of rental reservations and aware of any necessary fleet requirements.

4)    The Possibility of Paying for Damages You Didn't Cause
Damage penalties can be quite high on a rental car. This alone is enough to scare some people off of renting. But image being charged for damages that had nothing to do with you? It happens more often than you might think. It's important that car rental customers take a few minutes to walk around their vehicle and check for any noticeable scratches, dents, or other damage. If you don't report these damages prior to driving off the lot, you could be liable for them later one.

5)    Insurance Issues
This is by far the biggest fear for many car rental customers. Should I purchase extra insurance or is it just a rip off? What happens if I get in an accident – am I covered? For some, selecting the right kind of car rental insurance coverage can feel like an impossible undertaking. When you book with CRX, we do everything we can to provide our customers with simple, straightforward insurance information. We provide all of the necessary documentation right on our website, making it easy for you to compare requirements and review restrictions. Worst comes to worst, you can always contact one of our rental company clients directly using the contact information listed in their client profile.

Put your fears to rest when it comes to renting a reliable car. Check out the Car Rental Express online system today and enjoy a stress-free booking experience.

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