New York Restaurants
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New York Restaurants

If you want to eat well, visit New York City. The Big Apple has it all! Whether you are into fine dining, visiting local hang-outs, street food or all of the above, you are guaranteed great eats. Because of its diverse population and constant flow of tourists, this city offers a very diverse menu.  There are a selection of Italian bistros, Japanese sushi eateries, Vietnamese Pho soup houses, Greek taverns, Thai restaurants and even Israeli falafel shops.  No palette will go unsatisfied!

Affordable Cuisine

Anywhere you drive your New York car rental, you are sure to find tasty food at an affordable price.  New York City boasts a variety of street vendors selling traditional New York pretzels, hot dogs, pizza, Cambodian food, Jamaican food and everything in between.  Some food trucks to look out for include: Num Pang Sandwich Shop, The Jamaican Dutchy and Green Pirate.

Katz's Delicatessen - It is virtually sacrilege to visit New York City and not eat in a delicatessen.  And what better deli to frequent than Katz's?  Located on East Houston Street, and established in 1888 by a Russian immigrant family, this restaurant has become iconic.  Many celebrities and famous politicians have eaten here.  They say these include: Barbra Streisand, Bruce Willis, Ben Stiller, Dan Aykroyd, Al Gore and Bill Clinton.  So, drive your New York rental car down to the lower east side, make sure you are hungry and enter into the restaurant where sandwiches are nearly a mile high and bursting with flavor!

Joe's Shanghai Restaurant - If you like Chinese dumplings, then this place is for you.  You can choose from a variety of crab, pork and meat dumplings simmered in a delicious soup.  But that's not all that's served here.  The menu also boasts affordable dishes like steamed buns, soya duck, watercress with bean curd soup, ham and winter melon soup, fish head casseroles and shredded eel with yellow chives.

Fine Dining

The Russian Tea Room - Located at West 57th Street, The Russian Tea Room has been in existence since 1927.  With its golden ceiling, red vinyl booths and eclectic wall-art, it is no wonder that this restaurant has been a favorite to writers, politicians, socialites and actors.  Park your New York car rental and enter into another era where you can order Imperial Iranian Osetra, Golden Caspian Osetra, Italian White Sturgeon and Beluga farm raised caviar.  Be prepared to pay, however, since prices for these delicacies range from $130 to $295 per oz.  Other menu items include Boeuf a la Stroganoff, Chicken Kiev and Veal Chop a la Soblianka.

Tabla - If you are a fan of Indian cuisine, then Tabla is the place for you.  Located on Madison Avenue at 25th Street, this restaurant offers a fantastic array of elegantly displayed dishes.  For those who are feeling adventurous, Tabla offers a "Tabla Tasting" menu.  For roughly $70-$75 per person, you get to sample 7 or 8 different chutneys, soups, main courses, deserts and chocolates. 

Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar - Park your NY luxury car rental at 11 West 31st Street and get ready to indulge!  This restaurant boasts a menu of over 90 fine wines and champagnes from all over the globe.  Ayza has a variety of menus, one for each of the following: lunch, dinner, cheese, chocolate and wine.  Get ready to make some serious choices!