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Buffalo General Info

Popular legend states that the name of the city came from two French words 'beau fleuve' meaning beautiful river. Buffalo, the city of historic buildings and ethnic diversity is the main city of the Buffalo-Niagara Falls metropolitan area. While summers are the driest and sunniest in any of the cities in the Northeast, the city is also known for its snowy winters that provide breathtaking scenic views as snowflakes cover the city grounds and landscapes. Landmark buildings include the 1928 City Hall and Louis Sullivan's Guaranty Building among many others. Hire a cheap car rental from Buffalo for your drive on sight seeing tour through this second most populated city in New York State.

Luxurious hotels throughout the city guarantee you a comfortable stay. Basic and cheap accommodation is also available with smaller hotels and inns situated in the suburbs. Many of the hotels provide breakfast and brunch. You can locate restaurants and pubs easily in and around the city catering to every tourist. Some of the popular tourist attractions are listed below.

The Juneteenth Festival of Buffalo

This festival was first started in 1976 by the community organization B.U.I.L.D. as part of the nation's Bicentennial Celebration. Now the event is organized by the Juneteenth of Buffalo, Inc. and held at Martin Luther King Jr. Park. A cheap car rental at Buffalo allows you easy transportation to this venue where murals are painted and the streets are lined with vendors selling a variety of items and crafts at cheap rates. With plenty of live music and dance this festival ensures you a fun-filled evening.

Buffalo Infringement Festival

The summer brings the party scene onto the streets of Buffalo through the Buffalo Infringement Festival. The festival includes 700 performances including 350 plays, bands, art installations at over 50 venues spread across the Allentown area in Buffalo. The performances include plays from local and leading touring companies, poets, comedians, dance artists and artists from the film industry. The annual Buffalo Infringement Festival has over the years has transformed this event into an all-culture all-nation event bringing together a fusion of art and music in varied forms.

Lucy-Desi Museum

In memory of the elegant and ever remembered actress Lucille Ball, the Lucy-Desi Museum is located at 10 West 3rd Street Jamestown. The museum showcases photos of Lucy including the Arnaz family portrait, video tributes and memorabilia. The audio and video clips from "I Love Lucy" and "Life with Lucy" invoke nostalgia filled memories of the yester years. Fans continue to throng this museum in ever increasing numbers.

Theater of Youth

This pioneer theater was founded in 1972. The theater is popular because it introduces the theater to the children. Located in a former vaudeville house of the early twentieth century, the renovated theater boasts of a capacity of 475 seats with a lavish interior. Drive your cheap car rental from Buffalo to Allen Street to find this great theater that captivates the young.

Showplace Theater

Drive your Buffalo rental car to Grant Street for a live musical from leading bands at the Showplace Theater. The events hosted here are live musicals from indie and underground bands and concerts from ESI Events. The unique blend of retro theater chairs, slanting dance floor and the music add to the mesmerizing environment.

Kavinoky Theater

The Theater located at Porter Avenue is a marvel in Victorian architecture. It showcases excellent artists and craftsmen for every season. Enjoy the classical and local plays, comedies, drama and soothing musical concerts and much more in this theater. Every season the theater brings leading professionals in the field to present riveting shows and enchanting performances to the delight of Buffalo residents as well as tourists.