Chicago - The
Windy City
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Chicago - The Windy City


Chicago is the heart of Illinois and has a population of over 2,800,000 people who have the pleasure of experiencing fantastic places to visit and countless things to do. As a visitor, it would be a great idea to take advantage of Chicago discount car rental locations so that you can be sure you have a reliable way to get around this grand city.

Tourist Stops

Navy Pier is probably the number one attraction of Chicago but there are many others you may experience during your stay in Chicago. Among the best are the Field Museum, the Adler Planetarium, Skydeck Chicago, and the Hancock Observatory. All of these really give you a great opportunity to see what Chicago is all about. To make sure you can move freely from one place to another, you had best find a cheap Chicago car rental.

If you are an animal lover or have an animal lover in your family, Chicago is definitely the place to be. In fact, it is home to some of the finest zoos in the country. These zoos include the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Brookfield Zoo, and Lambs Farm. It’s a perfect activity with kids, friends, or a date.

Chicago has come to be known as a very significant sports city. Chicago teams include the Chicago Bulls, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks, and the Chicago White Sox. Wow, what a listing of sports teams! Each and every one has a strong following as well and as a visitor you will be sure to get caught up in the sports excitement even if staying for a short time. There is some kind of professional sport being played out of Chicago at any given time during the year so be prepared for some great sports excitement!

Chicago has come to be very famous for the shopping that it has to offer. The Magnificent Mile is an extremely popular shopping destination on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. So, if you visit Chicago, you have to be sure not to miss the Magnificent Mile!

The list could truly go on and on for the events, attractions, and sites that Chicago has to offer. Finding a car rental in Chicago would be the most efficient way to get around, though the transit system is also first rate.  But the best way to really get a feel for what Chicago has to offer is to visit! Be sure and book your trip to this fabulous destination today.

Flights & Car Rentals

If you fly into Chicago, you will likely be arriving at O'Hare International Airport and need to rent a car at O'Hare.  If you need a rental car at O'Hare then click here to find some great deals.