Cancun Restaurants
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Cancun Restaurants

Cancun Restaurants

With Cancun being an international tourist destination, the restaurants located here offer fare from all over the world.  The lavish architecture and décor of the restaurants stand testimony to the fact that the exotic city features not just international cuisine but also reflect the atmosphere, tradition and culture of the nation. Both luxurious and cheap restaurants are found in this tourist city serving delicious and exotic food. Rent a suitable Cancun car rental from CRX will give you easy access to transportation as you visit the multiple restaurants dotting this famous city.

The La Madonna restaurant in La Isla Shopping village provides the ideal ambience for a romantic dinner. You can either dine at the main dining room which seats around 120 guests or choose the mezzanine level restaurant that is reserved for couples. The décor and cuisine is Italian with all the favorite dishes of Italy finding its place in the menu. Charismatic sculptures of Mona Lisa and many other frescoes adorn the dining areas. The lighting and candles also add to the aesthetic features of the restaurant. Drive your rental car from Cancun at CRX to Boulevard Kukulcan for a delightful experience in fine dining.

La Habichuela
With more than 30 years of service, this restaurant is famous for its Caribbean seafood and Mexican cuisine. The décor is definitely Mayan and you have a choice of eating out in the garden or in the main dining room. This famous landmark restaurant has also won several awards including best restaurant in a tourist locale of Mexico, the most distinguished restaurant of North America and the five diamond award for hospitality. It is also featured as the first restaurant in the world to be credited with the International Quality Certification.

Puerto Madero
The fabulous seafood restaurant set in cosmopolitan and elegant décor brings beauty and good food together. Located at Marina Barracuda, Blvd. Kukulcan, the restaurant attracts many European and American tourists. You can choose either the smoking or non smoking sections. The menu is also available in different languages including Spanish, Japanese, Italian and Portuguese.

Carlos and Charlie's
Conveniently located at Paseo Kukulcán, the Carlos and Charlie's club and restaurant defines party and nightlife in Cancun. You get numerous traditional dishes, international cuisine and snacks here. Their spicy chicken wings and seafood dishes are popular. This ultra casual restaurant is an absolutely no inhibitions place as they invite their guests to do as they please. They also host events like comedy acts, skit and dances to entertain the guests. The long nights swing to the smashing music and enchanting energy of the merry party makers. Many exciting games are also arranged by the hosts adding to the joy and thrill in the ambience. Be sure not to drive your cheap car rental from Cancun at CRX if you’ve had too much to drink.

Elefanta Indian Cuisine
The elegant restaurant at Blvd Kukulcan brings Indian flavors to Cancun shores. The venue faces a beautiful lagoon giving an breathtaking view of the exotic sunset. The delicious menu includes biryani, goan chicken vindaloo, naan, and mouth watering traditional desserts like gulab jamun.

Restaurant Labná boasts cooking a variety of hotties in Yucatecan cuisine. Drive your Cancun car rental from CRX to downtown Cancun, Magaritas 29, near Parque Las Palapas to reach this restaurant. The building is reminiscent of Mayan architecture with traits of Europe. The restaurant serves quality cheap meals to suit your budget. Shrimp cocktail, deep fried turnovers or poblano cream soup, lime soup, poc chuc (marinated, barbecue-style pork) and classic chicken in mole sauce are some of the specialties here.

100% Natural restaurant
100% Natural restaurant is a name to look out for when you are looking for a moderately cheap restaurant that serves good food. Enjoy the Mexican flavored sandwiches served on whole grain bread. The attached bakery features chocolate croissants and apple cinnamon muffins among many other delicacies. Check out their licuado, a smoothie drink containing fresh fruit, ice, and water or milk. The restaurant is the place to go to when you feel the need for a healthy meal after days of rich and over indulgent sumptuous feasts.