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Cancun, Mexico

Cancun has established itself as one of North America’s most sought after vacation destinations. It’s beautiful year-round climate makes it easy for visitors to enjoy a tropical Caribbean vacation. Cancun is located on the southeast coast of Mexico and is skirted by white sandy beaches and inviting, clear aquamarine water.  

In addition to the natural beauty, Cancun offers a enormous range of other highlights for those interested in cultural events or  seeking thrills and adventure. To get around while you are in this superb city it may be wise to check into renting a car from Cancun airport at CRX when you arrive. This will enable you to get around freely so that you do not miss a thing while experiencing this beautiful Mexican city.

There is a plethora of world-class luxury hotels located in Cancun. It is wise for visitors to check out and stay within the Hotel zone in Cancun. This is a 17-mile stretch of hotels that all have a gorgeous ocean view. The great news is that many of these elegant hotels offer all-inclusive packages that cover your room, drinks and food, so that you won’t have to pull out your wallet too often during your stay.

Cancun offers amazing opportunities for adventure and ecotourism. Some great adventure options suitable for the whole family include swimming with the dolphins, taking jeep tours through the jungle, bird watching, visiting aquariums, and visiting ecological theme parks. Some of the most famous ecological theme parks in Cancun include Xcaret, Xel-Ha, and El Garrafon. These parks offer all visitors a very special adventure that can only be experienced in Cancun, Mexico. In addition, there are three islands surrounding Cancun that have some of the best ecological sites that you will see in your lifetime. These include Holbox, Isla Contoy, and Isla Mujeres.

Mayan Culture
Cancun enables its visitors to experience ancient Mayan culture. Many of these historically significant locations require a vehicle to reach, so renting a cheap car rental in Cancun from CRX might be a wise decision.

The Mayans inhabited a portion of the Yucatan Peninsula, where Cancun is located, in ancient years. There are many opportunities for tourists to check out the unique Mayan architecture, art, and information pertaining to the Mayan Gods. Because of its glorious past, Cancun is known to be a very popular cultural center on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Eating Out & Nightlife
Being a very relaxing and enjoyable travel destination, Cancun is obviously dotted with bars, restaurants, clubs and discos for you to enjoy some great dining and nightlife experiences. Whatever your personal tastes are, Cancun has something to offer. Take the opportunity to experience luxury car rental in Cancun from CRX to add a touch of luxury to your vacation.

No matter what you are looking for, Cancun is sure to have exactly what you need, be it fun, rejuvenation or relaxation. Plan your trip to Cancun today to experience all that this beautiful city has to offer!