St. Maarten/St. Martin
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St. Maarten/St. Martin

St. Maarten / St. Martin

St. Maarten or St. Martin is a very unique destination located in the Caribbean and is divided between two countries. The island was settled by both the French and the Dutch, and is now harmoniously shared by the two. Each side of the island has very different characteristics and offerings but they also have many things in common for visitors to experience during a vacation to this beautiful island.

Though the island is only 37 square miles in size a reliable rental car is a must to explore all this tropical paradise has to offer. When flying into St. Maarten at the Princess Juliana International Airport be sure to take advantage of the many St. Maarten airport car rentals and begin exploring the whole territory without having to wait for buses and taxis to pass by.


Visitors can expect to experience a very pleasant climate all year round, which makes this Caribbean island an outstanding destination for travel. Evening temperatures are generally cooler between December and March. When planning your exotic vacation, you had better consider that the Islands of the Caribbean are very likely to be threatened by storms and hurricanes. However, do not let this scare you away from visiting St. Maarten as this is a very, very rare occurrence.


It will be difficult to depart from St. Maarten without checking out a beach or two…or more! To do so, you may be in need of a cheap car rental agency's help.

It is very interesting to know that St. Maarten has 37 pristine beaches, one for each of its 37 miles, which allow you to experience the wonderful climate that St. Maarten has to offer. With such a large variety of beaches available you will be sure to find one that feels right.

Some examples of the activities that St. Maarten has to offer are horseback riding, water sports, parachuting, museums, and art galleries. Some locations for these activities include Simpson Bay Lagoon and Loterie Farm.


Casinos are a huge attraction on this island for entertainment. There is also a vast nightlife to experience that you will surely not forget! Live entertainment is always available and varies depending upon the season and the venue. It is always best to check with your hotel information desk to see where the best live entertainment is being offered. Nightclubs and glamour shows are included among the best of the nightlife in St. Maarten. Be sure to experience these before departing this beautiful island!
No matter which side of St. Maarten you visit, you will be sure to experience a beautiful, entertaining, and fantastic vacation on this island. Be sure to book your trip for a long enough amount of time so that you can witness all of the fun times that St. Maarten has to offer!