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Jamaica General Info

African drums doing the beats, sunny beaches with white sand, dancing people on colorful streets and Reggae music in the air are just brief glimpses of Jamaica. This island nation is a dreamland for fun loving tourists from across the globe who visit this exotic destination to lie in the lap of Mother Nature. The name of the city is derived from the original 'Xaymaca' which actually means "Land of Wood and Water" or "Land of springs" in the native language of the original Arawakan settlers.

Historic buildings dot the landscape of Jamaica. Some renowned architecture includes Rose Hall Great House, Greenwood Great House and Good Hope Great House among others. The 18th century port town of Falmouth is the best place for a walking tour of many historic buildings. At Jamaica you can have easy access to cheap transportation by hiring rental vehicles from Jamaica Car Rentals. Enjoy a pleasant trip on the roads, connecting towns and cities, mountains and woodlands as you tour this exotic land in cheap csar rentals.

This popular tourist destination also offers a wide range of cuisine. Enjoy traditional seafood fare or gorge on delicacies from other lands. You will find luxury fine dining places as well as cheap restaurants for holiday makers on a tight budget. You will also find popular holiday homes from exclusive five star names to more affordable cheap rooms among the local inns. Cheap Jamaica Car Rentals gives you an opportunity to go off the beaten path to the interior where you can see farmer's stalls with farm fresh jackfruits and mangos decoratively arranged.

James Bond Beach

Get to the famous James Bond Beach located near Ocho Rios for a leisure vacation. Allow the sun to shine on you while the waters kiss your feet. You can also view and enjoy the beautiful sunset here. The restaurant at the beach serves traditional Jamaican seafood. Many live concerts and events take place here every year including the Bon Marley Tribute. There are also plenty of private spots for sun tanning at the beach.

The Blue & John Crow Mountains National Park

Spread over 78,000 hectares, the park offers around 200 species of birds made up of both Jamaican as well as migrant birds for bird watchers. With a huge array of plants and butterflies including, Papilo Homerus - the second largest butterfly, the Blue & John Crow Mountains National Park is a natural encyclopaedia for any Botany student.

Dunns River Falls

Drive your cheap car rental from Jamaica Car Rentals 5 kms from Ocho Rios to reach the place of the 600 foot waterfalls. Dunns River Falls is located close to Ocho Rios and are considered as one of the national treasures of Jamaica. The staircase modeled waterfalls is popular with tourists who form a human chain as they climb up the falls. The cascading waters also provide the ultimate water massage therapy as the waters fall on you en route to the Caribbean Sea.

Reggae Sumfest

The Reggae Sumfest is a must visit event if you are visiting Jamaica in the hot month of July. Since 1993, the concert fest called Reggae Sumfest is celebrated at Montego Bay. The largest of its kind on the island, the festival plays Reggae music popularized by the legend Bob Marley. The event is popular with young folks and music and dance enthusiasts. The festival has become a major annual crowd pleaser and includes performances from celebrities as well.

Treasure Beach

If you are looking for the usual jet skiing and para-sailing activities then this beach is not for you. Treasure Beach is more of a serene place surrounded by fishing villages on Jamaica's south coast. You can however indulge in snorkeling, swimming and body surfing. Private coves and rocky shorelines dot the six miles of this beach providing you with a soothing and relaxing atmosphere as you explore this sandy beach.