Montego Bay
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Montego Bay

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay is Jamaica's tourism capital. It has many car rental agencies and the largest number of hotel accommodations on the entire Island.

The city of Montego Bay is divided into three different sections:

  1. The "hotel area" – this is a 1/2 mile strip of breathtaking hotels.
  2. The beach and hillside (where there are also numerous hotels and resorts).
  3. The main city itself which is where most activity takes place. Because of its Caribbean charm, visiting the city center is sure to offer a true Jamaican cultural experience. There are many markets and shopping centers selling all sort of Jamaican fare.

Use your Montego Bay car rental from CRX to view major sites and tourist attractions. These include:

  • Beach Clubs – Doctor's Cave Beach boasts amazingly beautiful crystal clear sparkling water. Walter Fletcher Beach, a stunning attraction, is close to town. Other beaches worth visiting include: Cornwall Beach, Tropical Beach and Rose Hall Beach.
  • Lester Art Gallery – This gallery displays the works of the late Michael Leszcynski (who subsequently changed his name to Lester), a Polish sea captain.
  • Montego Bay Underseas Tours – These tours guarantee a good time for those curious about marine life. With an underwater viewing compartment, visitors are able to marvel at live turtles, sting rays and various types of fish and coral.
  • Bird Sanctuary – A must-see for bird lovers, this sanctuary is only a few minutes from Montego Bay.
  • Bob Marley Theater – Located in the Half Moon shopping village, this theater plays a moving documentary of Bob Marley's life, including snippets from many of his performances. Attached to the theater is a gift shop selling the largest assortment of Marley T-shirts - a true collector's paradise!
  • Chukka Blue Adventure Tours – This tour group offers jeep safaris, bicycle adventures and horse-back riding excursions through various sections of the breathtaking Jamaican landscape.
  • Tryall Golf Club – The Tryall Golf Club is an expansive golf course situated on a 2,200 acre estate and overlooks spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea.

Montego Bay Accommodation:

There are different types of accommodation in Montego Bay sure to fit any tourist's needs. From lower-budget hostels, all-inclusive resorts, spa hotels to high-end resorts and hotels, you will find exactly where you want to stay.


There are a wide variety of restaurants in Montego Bay sure to satisfy any hungry traveler. An assortment of grills, bars and English pubs are scattered throughout the city. For those craving international cuisine, Montego Bay offers Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Spanish fare. No one can visit Montego Bay without sampling local, Jamaican cuisine. Make sure you try the stewed oxtails, curried goat and jerk chicken or pork along with great side dishes of sweet potatoes, roasted yams, green bananas and fried Johnny cakes. Of course the shrimp and fish dishes are heavenly.

No evening is complete without sitting, drinking a tropical drink in an open-air restaurant or bar overlooking the bay and watching the wonderful Caribbean sunset.