Kingston - Capital
of Jamaica
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Kingston - Capital of Jamaica

Kingston is also the largest city of this tropical island, a place that is very friendly for US and Canadian visitors since it is mainly English-speaking. Tourist information for the island suggests that a superior and inexpensive trip can be experienced by renting a Kingston rental car from CRX.

Driving Tips

But watch out, when you hire a Kingston rental car from Kingston, remember to drive on the LEFT! If you can stick to the left, then driving is a great, inexpensive way to tour the entire island, in your rental car. There are roads which cross central mountains for scenic touring. And there is a paved highway along the coast connecting major cities, including Kingston, Montego Bay, Nebril and Ocho Rios.

Here are some more driving tips for Kingston car rentals:

- - watch out for animals on the road
- - don't be surprised if drivers like to honk their horns
- - night driving can be hazardous
- - there are a good number of service stations throughout the island, but check when they are open

A primary international Airport, the Norman Manley Airport, is located in Kingston. From there, it is only a four hour drive or so to visit Montego Bay. There are many interesting places along the way. When driving your Kingston rental car, take in some of the reggae tunes for which the island is famous.

Special Types of Accommodation

There are some interesting alternatives to hotels throughout Jamaica. One option is to stay in a private home much like your own personal, informal bed-and-breakfast. Studios with kitchenettes can be very inexpensive. More exotic villas are available for rental, complete with housekeepers and cooking staff. These will cost less in the hills than on the beach. Some of the villas may be rented for months. It is not unusual for them
to have TVs, swimming pools and other high-end amenities.