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Road Trips To Take Before Winter Is Over

While it may not seem like winter and driving are a good combination, the fact is, some of the most scenic and beautiful drives are best taken during the snowy season. As long as the weather outside isn’t too frightful, you’re used to winter driving conditions and your hybrid car rental contains all the necessary emergency supplies, you shouldn’t be afraid to embark on one of America’s best winter road trips.

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Road Trip Hacks To Make Your Next Trip Easier

The phrase “road trip” brings a lot of things to mind—excitement, adventure, and seeing new places in a unique way. Unfortunately, traveling long distances by car can also be stressful, especially if you have a family or group of friends with you.

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Beautiful Winter Road Trips Across the U.S.

As we transition from fall to winter in the USA, the weather gets colder and sometimes the driving conditions become less than ideal. But that doesn’t mean you should limit your road trips to spring and summer when the days are warmer. There are plenty of beautiful road trips that can be enjoyed all winter long—in fact, some parts of the country are especially beautiful in December, January and February.

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The CRX American Road Trip Thus Far: An Epic Journey, Inside & Out

It's day 6, and so far our CRX American Road Trip has been a whirlwind, a marathon, and a blast! So far, we've driven up the California coast from L.A. to San Francisco, trekked East to enjoy the wonders of Yosemite National Park, driven the barren journey from Yosemite to Vegas through the night, toured an Arizona slot canyon, wandered the winding streets of Santa Fe, and encountered extraterrestrials in Roswell.

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