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It's the Small Things that Make a Rental Successful

It's the Small Things that Make a Rental SuccessfulI saw this video on Youtube and couldn't resist commenting.  Take a look and then come back...

... Have you watched it?  OK, good.  Comments?

I simply cannot stop laughing.  Who would have thought that adding a litter bag to your rental vehicles would be a good sales pitch?  Not only is the retro footage hilarious, the characters priceless and the premis a bit far-fetched, the ad actually makes a good point.  And what is that point you might ask?  The answer is that it's the little things that make a car rental successful.

When you are looking to rent a decent cheap vehicle, it makes a huge difference if the 'little' things have been taken care of.  For example, it's always nice to get a clean car that isn't full of cigarrette butts and empty beer bottles (yes, believe it or not, I once rented with an agency in Miami and there were beer bottles scattered in the backseat); has a full tank of gas; smells clean; has washer fluid; a map or two in the glove compartment; and yes, even something as small and inexpensive as a trash bag.

So to all you car rental agencies out there: it's the small and inexpensive gestures that will have renters coming back to rent with you time and again.


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