Houston Restaurants
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Houston Restaurants

Houston, the largest city in Texas has many restaurants that cater to tourists, business and local visitors. With 60 educational institutions based here, the restaurants have a steady clientele of 360,000 students every year. While five-star restaurants dot the busy city streets and theater district, you will also find plenty affordable and cheap restaurants that meet your budget. Hire cheap car rental from Houston and explore the city. You will discover many hidden gourmet diners, where you will find affordable quality meals.

Gravitas restaurant

Chef Scott Tycer has taken great care in the design of this restaurant and has taken equal care in the crafting of the menu. Standing elegantly at 807 Taft St, this American restaurant is a favorite destination for people hungry after a long day shopping. Some of the best choices are grilled cheese and crispy bacon and crab cakes. The restaurant's salad varieties like shrimp salad that consists of four shrimps drenched in sauce are also a favorite with the regulars here. They have a Happy Hour Menu that includes fabulous drinks including cocktails, El Jimador Blanco Tequila and Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whisky.

Brennan's Houston

Drive your Houston rental car to 3300 Smith St to enjoy delicious exotic Creole cuisine and tranquilizing music in the background. The restaurant has solo artists, bands and troupes featuring jazz and other musical performances, creating a romantic ambience. Best picks comprise of Crispy Gulf Oyster "BLT", Gulf Coast Shrimp Chippewa, Venison & White Bean Cassoulet and Creole Mustard Crusted Colorado Lamb Rack. With separate Mardi gras and Valentines Day menus along with private glass covered rooms, the restaurant suits every occasion. You can also pay for a special Chef for a day treat, where you will be allowed to participate in the preparation of a 6 course gourmet meal and enjoy it for your dinner with your friends.

Sambuca Jazz Cafe

Located on 909 Texas St, Sambuca Jazz Cafe is a rendezvous for popular music and favorite food. Various music genres exhibit their talent at the outdoor patio which makes it best for an outdoor dinner. Bite into a crunchy margherita pizza with sweet tomatoes while listening to the music or try the Havarti Dill Tater Tot which is a roll of potato and cheese deep fried. For desserts do not miss the Toffee pudding.

Peking Cuisine Restaurant

If you have a craving for Chinese culinary delights while in Houston, take your cheap Houston rental car and drop in at 8332 Southwest Fwy. The Peking Cuisine restaurant located here offers some of the best Chinese dishes in a cheerful ambiance. You can get any of their popular cold appetizers to start with and then go for the spicy fish or Sichuan Chicken with red pepper. The signature dish includes Peking duck served with hoisin sauce with a crispy bun over it.

Khon's Wine Darts Coffee Art

Hidden along Drew St in the center of the Midtown area, Khon's Wine Darts Coffee Art is a hot spot for drinks. The dart bar serves a fabulous array of Texas and Abita Springs selections.