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Newark is the largest city in New Jersey. This is an incredible travel destination despite any negative press that Newark has got for high crime rates. The mayor has really cracked down on this issue and Newark has really become an attraction for visitors for so many great reasons. Sometimes Newark gets passed by because of its close proximity to Manhattan.

Newark is home to a plethora of fascinating attractions. The city has such a rich history and much of the downtown architecture is well over a century old. While visiting Newark it will be well worth your time to check out some of the city’s welcoming attractions such as the Newark Museum, Military Park, Branch Brook Park, and the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart. These are among many of the attractions that are available in Newark. It would be a great idea to secure a Newark discount car rental to be sure you can have adequate transportation to be able to see all the fascinating sites.

The city of Newark is a booming location with many educational institutions for higher learning. These include Rutgers University, Seton Hall University School of Law, New Jersey Medical School, Drake College of Business, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. These educational institutions are fantastic to visit while sightseeing and you may even find interest in attending these fine schools. The educational institutions often have their own offerings of fun things to experience for tourists as well.

Downtown Newark offers some unique and quaint shopping experiences for visitors. There are a variety of different types of shops to enjoy from chain retailers to small discount shops. For those who want to experience shopping on a larger level, there are some other shopping opportunities just within miles of downtown Newark. Again, taking advantage of Newark cheap car rentals from CRX would come in handy when taking a day out of your vacation to experience the shopping of Newark.

Newark has a wide variety of different events offered throughout the year that visitors can experience. These events showcase the vast cultural options this city has to offer. There is sure to be an event to suit the needs of just about anybody. Some of the most popular events featured in Newark throughout the year include Sound of the City summer concerts at Theater Square, Open Doors Studio Tours, and the Dia de Portugal celebration. You may want to get yourself a cheap car rental in Newark so you do not miss the many events that span the city. It would be a great idea to find out what specific events are going on during the time of year that you plan to visit Newark.

Newark is a historical and cultural travel destination that has something for everybody. Visitors will certainly not run out of fun things to do and experience during an excursion to this wonderful city.