Las Vegas -
The Original Gambling Mecca
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Las Vegas - The Original Gambling Mecca

Relaxation of gambling laws led to the creation of a vast entertainment empire in Nevada, in the city of Las Vegas. People from all over the world continue to travel to this most famous gambling destination. Blackjack, slots, racing, and craps all have a home here. The theaters are legendary. Big name acts like Cher, Wayne Newton, Celine Dion and others have graced the stage for long-term engagements.

In Las Vegas, it is all about the Hotels and Gambling Casinos. Many of these can be found within walking distance of one another, or by public transport. But if you need a break from the bright lights, sign up for a Las Vegas car rental and take in two huge tourist attractions nearby: the Hoover Dan and Grand Canyon West.

Hoover Dam

Located less than an hour east of the city, you can easily reach this major tourist attraction with your Las Vegas car rental . The dam was constructed over a 5 year period and opened in late 1935, as part of the US effort to overcome the depression, with infrastructure projects. It was an amazing engineering feat, which needed diversion of the Colorado river to permit pouring vast amounts of concrete. Its hydro-electric capacity is distributed across at least three states: Nevada, California and Arizona. The dam also changed the nature of the Colorado River, reducing its flood patterns and changing the environment forever.

Grand Canyon West

This is one of the more natural wonders that can be visited using your Las Las Vegas rental car. It is more like a two and a half hour drive, however, so be sure to check out the air conditioning before starting your day's journey. Adventures at the site include a Skywalk that is 4,000 feet above the river valley, river tours and helicopter rides.


As said, in Vegas, it is all about the Hotels. Here are some tidbits about the resort properties that may help to decide which to explore further for your visit to Las Vegas

This resort has fabulous fountains, and complementary interior gardens. It is one of the large properties, with up to 4,000 rooms, and its own Fine Art gallery.

Caesar's Palace
Opened in 1966, it continues to reinvent itself and adapt the Roman atmosphere. This includes the Forum shops, Coloseum theatre and the huge casino floor - close to 130,000 square feet. It is also known as a hot nightclub spot.

Circus Circus
This hotel lives up to its name, with bright lights, clowns and circus acts performing throughout the day. It has an indoor adventure park, complete with roller coaster.

An outdoor courtyard, called Carnaval Court, is an ongoing party zone. Inside, a western theme can be found and cowboys and cowgirls are welcome. Some of the nightly
entertainment is focused on comedy, with an Improv Club.

Easily recognizable for its classic dark glass pyramid shape, this hotel has found its way into many movies. Inside, the theme carries through to an eastern atmosphere. Las Vegas has something for everyone. A convenient monorail connects it to Mandalay Bay and Excalibur neighbors.

This is a tropical oasis in the desert, with an outdoor volcano and waterfalls. The exotic flavor continues with the Secret Garden, featuring big cats and other animals. Great restaurants and nightclubs round out the offerings.

Get ready for a land of fantasy, housed inside a fabulous old castle motif. Dinner can include jousting and medieval foods. It also has one of the many, many wedding chapels to be found in Vegas.

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