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Atlanta certainly has proven to have an appealing quality of life for both natives and visitors alike.  This city has a fascinating history and yet it has become a very modern culturally evolved location in the Southern United States.  Atlanta has much to offer anybody who chooses to visit.  Because it is such a large metropolitan area any visitor would benefit from CRX airport car rentals from Atlanta when flying into the metropolis.  This will ensure that you will be able to get around as you please to the wonderful sites and attractions that Atlanta has to offer.  

There is no shortage of attractions in this Georgian city, so to maximize visiting options, finding a CRX car rental from Atlanta, would be a wise option to consider.

Atlanta has a rich and storied history in the ‘deep south.’ The Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum will give you some great information about the Battle of Atlanta and allow you to see various artifacts and happenings from that defining war. Some other fascinating attractions to experience in Atlanta include the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, the famous Atlanta Zoo, the CNN center, and the Georgia Aquarium.  There are sure to be attractions to suit all age groups and interests.

Atlanta offers a diverse selection of museums to visit while you are enjoying your vacation.  Museums are always a great option when visiting any new city and Atlanta has many to explore.  Among some of the most popular museums to visit include High Museum of Art, the Margaret Mitchell House & Museum, and the Atlanta History Center.  These centers are rich with culture and information.

Underground Atlanta
Underground Atlanta has come to be well known for its fabulous dining, shopping, entertainment, and nightlife. Underground Atlanta is a part of the city that creates an environment that encourages visitors and locals alike to experience fortune-tellers, grab some souvenirs, take a guided tour and many other fun diversions. It would be smart to take advantage of CRX discount car rentals from Atlanta when experiencing this fantastic part of the city so you can be sure to check out all that Underground Atlanta has to offer.

Atlanta is home to the great Georgia Dome, well known for holding many famous sporting events.  Atlanta is home to the professional football team, the Atlanta Falcons as well as the well-known baseball team, the Atlanta Braves.  These teams make Atlanta natives proud of their hometown, and showoff the southern hospitality the south is so famous for. The sports atmosphere in Atlanta is simply outstanding.

Atlanta is definitely a place that you do not want to miss when considering a vacation.  With its rich history, vibrant cultural atmosphere, and its many attractions and exciting things to do, Atlanta will surely not let anyone down.  Experience the south in a genuine and fantastic way, in the city of Atlanta.