Denver - The
Mile High City
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Denver - The Mile High City

The city of Denver is located at a high altitude on the great West Plains, not far from the Rocky Mountains. Before mentioning some of the cultural and sports events of the city, let us tell you about a few surrounding attractions, which can be easily reached after you rent a car in Denver.


This charming Victorian town is only 40 miles west of the city and can be easily reached in less than an hour with your Denver car rental. It has quite a number of buildings that are restored from the late 1800s, with antique shops found in converted older homes An added attraction in the region is the Georgetown Loop Railroad, which hugs the mountainside and features a trestle that is close to 100 feet high.

Mount Evans

This nearby peak can also be preached easily by car rental from Denver. It features a paved road that climbs to 14,260feet, for a great look out. Along the way there are wildflower hikes with trails that have been cultivated just for that purpose.

Pikes Peak

This locale has historic significance, since early gold miners rushed to it and were partly responsible for founding Denver as a city. It is now famous for cycling and running events, as well as a US Air Force Academy.

Sporting Events

For football fans Denver is the home of the Broncos. For skiers, some of the finest resorts in the US are little more than an hour away, and are also accessible by your Denver car rental. Among these are Aspen, Breckenridge, and Copper Mountain.

Cultural Events

Great city entertainment can be found at everything from the Denver Zoo, to the Museum of Nature and Science, and the Denver Art Museum. In addition, there is tremendous variety in theater events, to be found at the Denver performing arts complex.

The Denver Performing Arts Complex includes:

- Buell Theatre,
- Seawell Grand Ballroom
- Space Theatre,
- Stage Theatre,
- Garner Galleria Theatre,
- Jones Theatre,
- Ricketson Theatre,
- Tramway Theatre.