Phoenix, Arizona, A
Jewel in the Desert
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Phoenix, Arizona, A Jewel in the Desert

Phoenix is credited as one of the world's top five golf destinations. Year-round good weather and lots of open spaces are well suited to the design of golf courses and their enjoyment. The area it is reputed to have over 200 picturesque golf courses. There are luxurious resorts in the Phoenix area which can be quite affordable in offseasons and can delight any golfer. A good way to tour the many golf courses available is in a Phoenix rental car from CRX. Just pack up your clubs and go.

Whether you're interested in a three-day trip to the Grand Canyon or a day of mountain biking at the local Camelback Mountain, there is very diverse sightseeing. A variety of discoveries await you in Greater Phoenix, where the Sonoran Desert's landscape stretches to the peaks of surrounding mountains, where new beauty awaits behind every Saguaro cactus, and where each day brings a new adventure. Your Phoenix rental car from CRX makes these more distant places easily accessible.