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Toronto Theaters and Events

Toronto Theatres and Events

Toronto, the largest city of Canada has been the home of many immigrants from all over the world bringing a rich diversity to the city’s arts and culture scene. The city boasts  a large number of theatres and also plays host to various events throughout the year. With cheap Toronto rentals from CRX you will be able to travel to the vast expanse of this city to catch glimpses of the different facets of culture and tradition prevailing here. Outside of the downtown core, cheap parking is available.

Toronto Dance Theatre
Plays are staged in fluid gliding movements which are a visual treat to watch. With graceful movements, the Toronto Dance Theatre captures your imagination as you watch the stunning contemporary performances unfold before your eyes. Drive your Toronto car rental from CRX to 80, Winchester and catch the elegant performances at the Winchester Street Theatre – home of Toronto Dance Theatre and The School of TDT.

Canada Opera Company
The Canadian Opera Company is reputed to be the largest production house performing in Canada and also ranks among the top opera companies in North America.  The company regularly stages performances at Four Seasons Centre and Joey & Toby Tanenbaum Opera Centre.

Young Centre for Performing Arts
This performing arts centre houses four individual theatres with seating arrangement for 315, 207, 75 and 90 guests. Located at 55, Mill Street, this centre puts up year long performances from SoulPepper Theatre Company encompassing timeless classic plays and newer contemporary works for the discerning audience. With cheap and ample car parking available, Toronto car rentals from CRX offers the best and cheapest travel choice to this centre.

The annual festival held every year in June is a blend of the city’s varied and diverse multicultural population coming together in celebration with creative works of art. The festival that lasts for ten whole days featuring dance, theatre, music, food, films, fashion and much more promising you an enchanting experience.   

Canadian National Exhibition
Also called The Ex, this is an annual exhibition event that includes the famous Canadian International Art Show for three days. The event has been celebrated every year for the past 138 years and includes a plethora of entertainment programs including fairs, food fest, shopping, trade shows, parades and sports guaranteeing you a fun filled exciting time at cheap rates. Use your cheap Toronto car rental from CRX to drive to the “Ex”.

Canadian International Air Show
The Canadian International Air show has delighted visitors for more than half a century with magnificent display of flying skills. The event is generally held for three days in September as part of the Canadian National Exhibition and can be listed as one of the cheap entertainment events in Canada as admission to this event is free. Performers participating in the event include United States Air Force, United States Navy, Canadian Air Force  Snowbirds and other aircraft from Canadian Forces. Performers fly over Lake Ontario and are visible from any site near the lake front.

Toronto’s Caribbean Caribana festival
Toronto experiences a Caribbean frenzy every year in July as the city comes alive in preparation for the annual Caribbean Caribana festival. The festival includes music, dance, cheap food and theatrical performances that highlight Caribbean culture. Celebrating 43 years, the festival also features an annual parade where music bands and masquerades compete with each other for the most elaborate costumes.

Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival
A fun-filled water sports race open to participants from all over the world. This boat race festival is celebrated in over forty countries. The initial number of 27 teams in the first Toronto International Dragon Boat Race held in 1993 has swelled to around 200 today. The festival also showcases other water sports along with food fiesta, music and multi-cultural performances promising to be cheap entertainment for all.