Toronto Restaurants
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Toronto Restaurants

Toronto Restaurants

Toronto’s rich and diverse culture is evident in the celebration of the culinary talents of the different restaurants spread across the city. Toronto is the home to more than 80 ethnic communities and has diversified restaurants including French, Greek, Japanese Italian, Mexican, Indian, & Chinese to name only a few. Cheap transportation is available from Toronto car rentals to take you across the length and breadth of this city as you sample some of the epicurean delights of varied and very often, cheap restaurants.

Bangkok Garden Restaurant
Established a quarter of a century ago, this is one of the first Thai restaurants to in Toronto and is also the recipient of several awards in the best Thai food category. The restaurant imports special ingredients directly from Thai lending a taste of authenticity to the food. A wide range of international brands of beer and carefully selected wine list is also a cheap  parking lots close at hand for your Toronto car rental from CRX.

The Sultan’s Tent & Café Moroc
Located at 49 Front Street East close to the city’s luxurious hotel, The Sultan’s Tent & Café Moroc offers the finest of cuisines from the Moroccan kitchens. Winner of several culinary awards the restaurant has stood the test of time with its four course meals. The restaurant also features exotic belly dancing in the evening bringing  a feel of Moroccan culture. The restaurant is located close to a private parking lot giving you ample space to park your cheap Toronto car rental from CRX.

Vagabondo Italian Ristorante
This elegant restaurant houses three dining areas under one roof with a seating capacity of 30 guests in the dining lounge, 16 guests in private dining areas that are sectioned off with plush curtains and a general restaurant area. Jazzy sounds and rhythmic music lend a feeling of youthfulness and warmth to this place. Menu includes traditional Italian fare including pasta, pizzas and risottos. The restaurant also serves fixed price lunches in two course meals guaranteeing you delicious food at cheap rates.

Liberty Noodle
If you are looking out for good quality cheap restaurant for Japanese meals, Liberty Noodle is the best choice with affordable rates that can match any budget. Located at Liberty Village which houses many budget and economical restaurants, this Japanese eatery is renowned for its deliciously flavored cheap noodles.

Roosevelt Room
Reminiscent of Old Hollywood, Roosevelt Room is popular with the youth who come in to wine, dine and enjoy a dance or two. A popular meeting place, the youthful energy and zest of this place comes alive after 10:00pm as DJs liven up the atmosphere with heavy retro & rock music till the wee hours of the morning.

Spuntini Italian Ristorante
Spuntini Italian Ristorante is a good choice for that romantic intimate dinner or the special occasion that you wish to celebrate with a loved one. The dimly lit room with candlelit tables creates an atmosphere of intimacy and warmth. The restaurant’s selection of the finest wines from all over the world has also helped it win the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence eight years in a row.

Q-Great Chicken & Ribs
Spit roasted chicken and spare ribs are some of the mouth watering fare that you can expect at this casual diner which offers great quality meals at cheap affordable rates. The restaurant has two dining areas that seats 280 guests at a time and also operates a take out counter with a drive through window as well.

Le Montemartre French Restaurant
With a selection of some of the finest French wines to accompany the delicious dishes made with the freshest herbs and choicest ingredients you can be assured of an authentic French meal. The beautiful décor of the restaurant also adds to the ambience.