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Alberta is a province in western Canada, to the north is the Northwest Territories, to the east there is the province Saskatchewan, to the south there is the state of Montana, and to the southwest and west there is British Columbia. Alberta is mostly inland and is the western-most of the three Prairie provinces of Canada.

Alberta is referred to as 'Sunny Alberta', because it has the most sunshine per year than any other province. Its capital city is Edmonton.

Alberta entered the Dominion on September 1, 1905 making it the eighth province.

With extensive, fertile prairie lands, Alberta had an economy dominated by agriculture. Since the 1950s, however, mineral extraction has become the leading sector of the economy. Alberta has now become Canada's largest producer of petroleum and natural gas.

The province is named for Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848-1939), who was the wife of a Canadian governor-general and a daughter of Queen Victoria.

Alberta has a continental climate, with cold winters and mild summers.