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Great price!
Wed May 8, 2024 - Renter Review

Great company, the best experience
Fri May 3, 2024 - Renter Review

The staff were friendly and helpful. And helped me navigate my way through an unfamiliar airport to my destination. Will definitely use Rugged Rental again!
Fri May 3, 2024 - Renter Review

Nice clean vehicle, no mechanical issues, airport shuttel was a plus.
Thu May 2, 2024 - Renter Review

Great experience!
Tue Apr 30, 2024 - Renter Review

I love Rugged Rental! I have rented through them twice and both times the car was exactly what was expected. Friendly staff. The pick up and drop off is seamless.
Mon Apr 29, 2024 - Renter Review

Professional, helpful and accommodating
Sun Apr 28, 2024 - Renter Review

Great selection at great prices
Sun Apr 21, 2024 - Renter Review

We have rented from Rugged Rental for many years. Their rates are always very competitive and we have never had any problems with their vehicles or the company.
Wed Apr 17, 2024 - Renter Review

Affordable and convenient! Would rent again!
Wed Apr 17, 2024 - Renter Review