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Everyone I spoke to from Marlene, to Gloria, chase and even little man at the store were amazing. Every single question I had was always answered. Every single person I spoke to helped me. Every single minute with the car was a breeze. Loved this company will definitely be recommending and renting again!
Tue Aug 9, 2022 - Renter Review

I found this rental car at last minute and it was great experience.
Mon Aug 8, 2022 - Renter Review

Im disappointed with the quality of the vehicle. It was dirty, dented, and the seats stained the bridesmaids gowns. Extremely disappointed with the employee's unprofessionalism who gave me the car. He said "STOP COMPLAINING". How are we supposed to point things out?! I said "the car is dirty and dented" I reserved this Sprinter 4 months in advance with specific instructions about the necessities for the wedding. I rented from You once before. Please have more professionalism with your cl
Thu Aug 4, 2022 - Renter Review

Thu Aug 4, 2022 - RR

The 12 and 15 seater passenger Ford vans are the same size of vehicle. Thought the 15 seater would be longer.
Wed Aug 3, 2022 - RR

The initial reservation time was switched, thank god Gloria called me to pick up car otherwise, I would have missed picking up a car for our week trip. I appreciate that Gloria waited for me, and stood at work past her time to get my docs on a row and ready. The vehicle was the only one available, it was dirty and as soon as we got in the highway started to encounter issues. we lft car at hotel and used for local rides as the vehicle started stalling and we would accelerate.
Tue Aug 2, 2022 - Renter Review

Maria Crespo and Lau made the rental process quick and easy! Maria is kind and knowledgeable. Swift with the paperwork and explanations of what I was receiving. Lau answered all of my questions and gave me great pointers about how to use the vehicle. They both embody service with a smile.
Tue Aug 2, 2022 - Mrs. Foote

It was great and helpful thank you so much!!
Mon Aug 1, 2022 - Renter Review

This is the second year I've rented from Empire Rental and have had great experiences both times. The vehicle has been available and ready. Staff is friendly and the vehicle has run great! Would definitely continue renting from them!
Mon Aug 1, 2022 - Renter Review

Everything worked out fine
Mon Aug 1, 2022 - Renter Review