Tips on the
Car Rental Process
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Tips on the Car Rental Process

What Do I Need to Rent a Car?

Rental requirements in the United States vary from rental agency to rental agency. Some companies have more requirements for rental than others. Smaller companies, for instance, may generate less revenue from rentals. They may require more from renters to ensure their rental vehicles are protected when out of their possession. Larger rental agencies may require less in some areas and more in high risk areas, where there are a larger number of accidents and thefts. Consumers must review each agency’s policies to determine their requirements.

Do You Need a Credit Card to Rent a Car?

No, credit cards are not required by all agencies for car rental. Rental agencies prefer credit cards to protect their company from incidentals that may occur while the rental car is in possession of the renter. Because of the economy, nearly 1.6 million people have filed bankruptcy in the United States in 2010. This number is up 13.8% from 2009. For this reason, many people do not qualify for credit cards. This has forced many people to consider purchases on a cash only basis. Other renters prefer cash to protect their credit status.

How To Rent A Car Without A Credit Card

Rent a Car without a Credit Card

At you can rent a car without a credit card super easy.

1. Simply run your regular car rental search at the top of this page.

Returning A Rental Car

When to Return the Vehicle

Prior to your drop-off day, be sure to find out from the rental agency at what time they expect you to return your cheap rental vehicle. Always ensure that you have enough time to return the car so that it does not arrive late or there may be late fees.

Automobile Rental Tips

Here are some tips when renting a cheap rental car from an independent agency.

Rent-A-Car Lingo

Listed below are some frequently used terms that you should know before you rent a cheap rental car:

Time Savers:

Automated Terminals

Automated terminals are a great time saver when you need to quickly drop off your cheap rental car. However, you may have to be a returning customer to take advantage of this service. At these kiosks, you can pay your fees and receive a receipt without dealing with a sales representative.

Children & Car Seats

Most cheap car rental companies require children (who are a certain age, size and weight) to be secured in a car seat, due to state or provincial laws. They will usually have child seats available for rent.

Ensure that you have the following questions fully answered before renting a child safety seat with your cheap rental car:

Fees, Gas & Payment for your Rental

Extra Fees

It is important to be aware of additional fees that may be added to the cost of your cheap car rental (many of these are location-specific). Some of these include: state taxes, out-of-state travel fees, refueling charges, drop-off fees, licensing fees and/or concession recovery fees if you rent a car at the airport (this is the fee the agency pays to do business at the airport).

Who Can Rent A Car/Age Requirements

Can I Rent A Car?

Before making a reservation for a cheap rental car, it is best that you check that you are eligible to do so by checking the car rental company's terms and conditions.