How To Rent A Car Without A Credit Card

A world without credit cards is almost unimaginable now; the credit card is ubiquitous in all industries across the globe. Car rental services are not much different, but there is more flexibility in car rental market with respect to the mode of payment. While, in the past, there were very limited independent car rental agencies which accepted other modes of payment than the credit card, time has paved way for establishment of auxiliary payment options like the debit card or a check card. Getting a rental car without a credit card is not at all hard nowadays owing to the presence of cash-only car rental agencies.

The Car Rental Express website lists independent car rental agencies across the world and even specifies the accepted modes of payment so that it becomes easier for the customer to decide on the agency. It has to be understood that you would have to spend some extra time and effort to find a good car rental agency with reasonable policies and rules if you’re looking to not use your credit card. Typically, most companies would have different policies if you’re paying by cash or debit card; it is important that you spend some quality time online hunting for good car rental agencies which impose the fewest number of restrictions on you. Doing your homework requires more time for analysis and comparison of rates and policies of different car rental agencies.

An important point to be considered is the type of car you’re going to rent. Most car rental agencies, even if they accept debit cards and cash, will not be willing to rent out an SUV or a specialty sports car to you if you don’t use a credit card to settle the bills. Insurance is another object of importance; if you have a comprehensive insurance for you and the car, it would be easier for you to get a car.

It is highly advisable to have a bit of extra cash in your account so that you can allow the car rental agency to have a hold/block on a portion of cash in addition to the car’s rent. This could vary from $200 to $500, which would be rendered inaccessible for a period of 2 days to a fortnight. Further, it is important to ask the car rental agencies about the types of card that they accept – MasterCard and Visa logos may have their specific renown, but other cards may need to be checked for acceptance. It is common knowledge that the names on your identity and your debit card must match, so it is not advisable to use your parents’ card or your friend’s card even if you have obtained permission to use it.

You may be of the opinion that cash in hand is always better than a credit card, but some car rental agencies may required to be pressed before they would accept cash or debit card. If you don’t have a credit card, be ready for a credit check – having a bad credit history could hurt your chances of renting a car with them. Sometimes, as per their norms, car rental agencies may perform a background check on you, call your bank and verify your identity. For this reason, it is always better to carry more than one form of identity like your recent telephone bill or your car’s insurance.

It is always better to plan your trip with a bit of time to spare, and arrive at your destination well before the scheduled time. You might spend more time standing in the line before you can drive your car away, so it is essential to be prepared to spend more time in the agency. Background checks and verification could take more time than you anticipate. Ultimately, unless you don’t own a credit card, it is better to always have a credit card in hand for contingencies even though you can expect to not use it at all for the trip.