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Specialty vehicle rentals

How to Rent A Car For the Prom

Make an Impression at Prom by Showing up in a Hot New Rental Car

Every boy wants to be the stud at prom. This can be done by a variety of different things; such as having the perfect date, the outfit that gets the most attention and, possibly the most important thing would be showing up to prom in style. CarRentalExpress.com can help you obtain just that, they offer any kind of vehicle you may want or need to show up to your prom in style. Whether you need just a two seater for you and a date, or a larger SUV to haul all your friends, CarRentalExpress.com will have it.

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How To Rent A Car For A Honeymoon

Rent the Vehicle of Your Dreams for your Honeymoon

Your wedding is the one day where it is all about you so you want everything to be perfect; from the dress to the cake and music and of course, the honeymoon. Your honeymoon is the one time where you go all out; no cost is too much, this is your special vacation wherever you want to go, so why not get around during your honeymoon is style? CarRentalExpress.com will help you to find that perfect rental car for your entire honeymoon.

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Where Can I Rent A Luxury's SUV?

So, as you plan your next trip, almost all of the focus is on how you are going to get to your destination. But what about once you've arrived? How are you going to get around? Unless you are traveling to one of the few cities that has an incredibly robust transit system, your best bet is probably going to be a car rental. Of course, there are standard, new model cars available across the country at every major car rental service, and that's fine for most types of travel. But, what about if you are looking for something a little more...upscale? Maybe something with a little more room?

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How to Rent a Midsize SUV

Renting a midsize SUV is a fairly easy process. Most standard rental agencies offer midsize SUVs for clients that need more space for extra passengers, taller passengers or cargo. Midsize SUVs expand the rental agency’s clientele by offering more options for a variety of groups. Midsize SUVs are often available as hybrids to help customers save on fuel costs associated with driving a midsize SUV.

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How To Rent A Hybrid Car While Traveling

What was, at one time, thought to be a myth, the hybrid car has now completely made its way into the driving culture. This means that not only are hybrids, and even electric cars, available to consumers for purchase, but now travelers can rent hybrid vehicles while on the road. But, this is a new option and it leaves many of us unsure of what our options may be, or even how to go about renting a 'green' vehicle.

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How to Find a Rental Van

Rental vans are useful for transporting numerous passengers, cargo or other large items. Many businesses, large groups or travelers use rental vans for convenience. Small businesses that need a van infrequently benefit from van rental services to haul office equipment. Sports groups or church groups use rental vans for long trips or transportation from a hotel to conference venues.

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Motorcycle Rentals

Ride the Wave of Excitement with our Agency Motorcycle Rentals

No matter where your trip is taking you, one of our agencies' motorcycle rentals can help you get on your way. Whether you need one motorcycle just for you or a great fleet for your entire group, we can make all of your riding dreams come true with our motorcycle rentals.

Enjoy our Motorcycle Rentals to the Fullest

The best way to enjoy your motorcycle trip is to get acquainted with our safety suggestions:

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