How to Rent
a Midsize SUV
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How to Rent a Midsize SUV

Renting a midsize SUV is a fairly easy process. Most standard rental agencies offer midsize SUVs for clients that need more space for extra passengers, taller passengers or cargo. Midsize SUVs expand the rental agency’s clientele by offering more options for a variety of groups. Midsize SUVs are often available as hybrids to help customers save on fuel costs associated with driving a midsize SUV.

To rent a midsize SUV, begin by searching online to find available rental agencies. Many agencies list the types of vehicles offered in their fleet. Sort the available options based upon the rental agencies that offer midsize SUVs. Compare the prices and models available in this vehicle class. Make the reservation based upon your pre-selected daily budget and the model desired.

Some companies offer rental car comparison sites to simplify this process. Consumers may view the options available based upon the participating independent car rental agencies. Prices and rental options are easily compared through these types of websites. Consumers may begin by searching for this type of website to save time researching the options available.

Why Rent a Midsize SUV

Renting a midsize SUV can provide comfort for long trips with multiple passengers. The vehicles also are convenient for transporting multiple passengers from a hotel to a conference venue. Businesses often rent SUVs if they have to haul large items. Real estate agents often need occasional access to large vehicles when they need to deliver multiple yard signs to homes for sale. Some clients rent midsize SUVs for pleasure as well. There is no one reason for midsize SUV rental, but many clients benefit from their use.

What is Required for Midsize SUV rental?

Midsize SUV rental is no different from standard vehicle rental. A major credit card, driver’s license and proof of insurance are required, in most instances. Some rental agencies may hold a deposit on a credit card or debit card for cash rentals. Many companies will sell insurance for vehicles on premises to ensure the proper amount of coverage is available, if the vehicle is damaged or stolen while in the renter’s possession. This insurance also covers the daily cost of the rental while the vehicle is absent for repairs or replacement.

Costs Involved

These vehicles are traditionally more expensive for rental companies to replace or repair. Therefore, the daily rates of these vehicles are higher than standard vehicles. Consumers may expect to pay $40 or more per day depending on the vehicle model and rental agency. Some midsized SUVs have daily rates of $100 or more. Consumers must be prepared to pay the prices and protect the vehicle.

Fuel costs are also more expensive for SUV rentals. Consumers should factor fuel costs into the entire midsize vehicle rental costs to make an accurate budget for your entire trip. Insurance costs are typically the same for all vehicle types; however, this cost should be factored into the budget as well.

Where are Midsize SUV Rental Agencies Located?

The midsize SUV rental agencies are typically located in traditional rental locations. Consumers may find these rental agencies at the airport or at an off-site location. No specialize rental agencies are required for midsize SUVs, unless the consumer is seeking a luxury midsize SUV.

Consumers may find options for midsize SUVs on the Car Rental Express (CRX) website. This website offers numerous independent rental agencies that carry midsize SUV vehicles. Peruse the website for rental options and discounts. Depending upon the location, some states have as many as 20 different independent agencies. Of those agencies, there may be several offering midsize SUVs.

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