How to Rent
A Car For the Prom
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How to Rent A Car For the Prom

Make an Impression at Prom by Showing up in a Hot New Rental Car

Every boy wants to be the stud at prom. This can be done by a variety of different things; such as having the perfect date, the outfit that gets the most attention and, possibly the most important thing would be showing up to prom in style. can help you obtain just that, they offer any kind of vehicle you may want or need to show up to your prom in style. Whether you need just a two seater for you and a date, or a larger SUV to haul all your friends, will have it.

Go to and select your location at the top of the page. Then, enter the date of the prom as the pick-up date. Enter the following day as your drop-off date and then select the type of vehicle from the drop down list. If you leave the list saying “No Preference,” all available vehicles will appear. When the list of vehicles appears, you can choose your vehicle based on the type or the price, whichever you prefer. At the top of the page, you can sort the results by price, distance or company, allowing you to locate your perfect car for prom quickly and easily.

When viewing the available vehicles, be sure to click on “View Profile” located next to the company name. This will tell you what the minimum age is to rent the car, each company has a different minimum age which varies from 18 up to 25. Be sure to call the company and ensure that you will be legally allowed to drive the car if you are younger than the minimum rental age. In addition, this profile will also tell you where the rental company is located, if they will bring the vehicle to you and the pick-up and drop-off hours. Since many companies are closed on Sundays and most proms are on Saturdays, you may either be able to drop it off after hours or keep the vehicle until Monday, depending on the company.

With any rental car, you will be sure to be the hit of the prom, whether you arrive in a cute little economy car or a huge luxury SUV such as a Cadillac Escalade, you will make an impression that will last a lifetime. Prom is all about making an impression, when you show up in a rental car from, you will be sure to achieve your goal of making an impression that will last a lifetime for you, your date and anyone else you decide to take with you.

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