How to Find
a Rental Van
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How to Find a Rental Van

Rental vans are useful for transporting numerous passengers, cargo or other large items. Many businesses, large groups or travelers use rental vans for convenience. Small businesses that need a van infrequently benefit from van rental services to haul office equipment. Sports groups or church groups use rental vans for long trips or transportation from a hotel to conference venues.

Many independent car rental agencies offer van rental services in numerous locations in the United States and around the world. Customers should search the web for independent rental agencies that offer rental vans as an option. Consumers may compare the rates, size and amenities offered by rental van agencies. Traveling groups will need more amenities offered than a business hauling cargo. Select a company that offers rental vans that are congruent with your needs.

Tips for Renting Rental Vans Online

Image Rent-a-Car, AAMCAR, Prestige Car Rental and countless others offer rental van services to meet consumer needs. Most agencies will accept reservations through their website. Each agency will list the type of vehicles available for consumers.

Steps for Booking a Car

  1. Verify the preferred rental agency carries rental vans in their fleet. Types of rental vans will differ based upon the location and the independent agency. Some agencies offer vans that will accommodate nine, 12 or 15 passengers. Conversion vans and luxury rentals are also offered by some agencies.
  2. Always inquire with the rental agency prior to reserving the van to ensure the van requested will be available at the time of the rental. Some agencies may have to deliver the vans from another agency to guarantee availability. Consumers that do not call beforehand may receive a cargo van, when in fact, a luxury van is needed. Always verify with the rental agency to ensure the requested rental van is received at the time of rental.
  3. Some rental agencies offer unlimited mileage. Other rental agencies offer a certain number or miles and charge if the consumer exceeds the pre-determined number of miles. Verify the company’s policies to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  4. Services vary depending upon the independent van rental agent. Some agents will provide airport pick-up service and drop-off service. Others do not offer this service. The rental agency’s website lists this type of information. Research helps the customer with choosing a rental van that best suits their needs.
  5. The minimum rental age will also vary based upon the rental agent. Be cognizant of the rental company’s restrictions when selecting a rental agent. Through verification, consumers will avoid reserving a rental van with an agency that will not rent to a certain age group.

Selecting a Rental Van that Meets Your Budget

Rental vans are typically more expensive per day than standard car rental. Fuel costs are also more expensive. Some agencies may offer eco-friendly van rental options for consumers. Consumers must compare prices to receive the best deals available. After selecting a preferred independent rental agent selection, search for rates to determine if the rental costs are congruent with your budget. Daily rates, total costs and included mileage are typically listed on the rental agency’s website for the consumer’s convenience.

Many car rental agencies also offer discounts to consumers to offset the rental van price. Depending upon the car rental agency and the car rental region, customers may save a percentage off or a dollar amount off of their total car rental price. Members of a special group, such as military, fire fighters, police officers and AAA members may also save a percentage off the total rental price. In lieu of cash discounts, some rental agencies offer a free GPS, free upgrade or a free rental day.

Car Rental Express offers discounts that are applicable to numerous independent van rental agencies. Consumers simply need to search the CRX website for available discounts for their preferred rental agency.

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