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How to Rent Cars in the USA

United States car rental agencies are a convenient service for travelers or businesses requiring the use of a rental vehicle. Numerous vehicle models and types are available to serve consumer needs. Vehicle types range from a compact car to a luxury SUV. Depending upon your needs, desires and budget, a vehicle may be selected to accommodate you.

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How To Find Cheap Car Rentals Online

Traveling is something that we love to do, and quite often, need to do. Of course, there is the wonderful excitement and relaxation of 'getting away from it all', but there are inconveniences as well. There's always the fact that you are traveling without your entire wardrobe, and the fact that you've got to limit whatever you have on hand to whatever will fit on your luggage. With more airlines charging fees for the number of bags, this can mean trying to squeeze everything into as few bags as possible.

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How to Evaluate Car Rental Companies

When hitting the road, cost of travel is, unfortunately, one of the most important factors in our trip. Between the increased fees for airline baggage to the ever rising hotel rates, traveling isn't always something that can be done for a few bucks, so of course we always look for a good deal whenever we can, even when renting a car for a vacation.

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How to Rent A Car Cheaply

Renting a vehicle can be expensive, but there are ways of keeping your cost to a minimum.

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Finding Car Rental Deals for Senior Drivers

According to a 2007 AARP survey, US seniors were expected to spend over $126 billion dollars on travel related expenses. If this statistic is accurate, then many seniors probably looked for deals on car rentals.

If that's the case, seniors should know that they can take advantage of several shopping techniques that can help find excellent deals on car rentals. This is true because there are several resources, like Car Rental Express, which can help seniors save a lot of money on car rentals.

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Vehicle Types & Rental Tips

There are many different rental agencies that offer various types of cheap rental vehicles. Sometimes agency classification systems vary but they are usually similar in many ways. Here is an example of the different classes of cars available by most rental agencies.

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Discount Rental Cars-Choosing a Company

Renting a cheap car does not necessarily mean breaking the bank. There are ways of getting discounted rental cars and saving money.

First and most importantly, get the smallest car that will satisfy your needs. The bigger and fancier the car, the more money you will spend. This is especially true for sport utility vehicles and minivans; they can be significantly more expensive, and if you do not need the extra room, it is in your best interest to rent a sedan, or smaller vehicle.

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Before Leaving with your Cheap Rental Car

When picking up your cheap rental vehicle, be sure to ask for the contact number of the agency in the event of an accident or a breakdown (some companies will offer roadside assistance). Also ask what sort documentation it is necessary to present in the case of an emergency in order prove your right to drive the vehicle.

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Cheap Car Rental Deals & Deposits


When renting a cheap rental car, make sure to inquire about any special weekend or weekly rates. If your plans are flexible, you may be able to save some money if you rent during a price break period. Also ask about possible blackout dates when the advertised price you may have seen is not offered.

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