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Finding Car Rental Deals for Senior Drivers

According to a 2007 AARP survey, US seniors were expected to spend over $126 billion dollars on travel related expenses. If this statistic is accurate, then many seniors probably looked for deals on car rentals.

If that's the case, seniors should know that they can take advantage of several shopping techniques that can help find excellent deals on car rentals. This is true because there are several resources, like Car Rental Express, which can help seniors save a lot of money on car rentals.

To see why this is the case, here are some tips which can help seniors find a fantastic deal on a car rental.

Try to book your car rental early.

Car rental agencies on Car Rental Express, allow patrons to rent cars in advance. Seniors can take advantage of this service to save money on car rentals because they can often lock in a great price on a rental in advance and still take advantage of possible last-minute deals.

If you can, try to book your car rental online.

Many seniors have found shopping online for a car rental to be a great way to book a car rental in advance. This is true because many car rental agencies, such as Car Rental Express, offer patrons a variety of coupons and discounts that are geared towards seniors. These coupons can save patrons anywhere between 15%-30% off their car rental fees.

Look for car rental discounts from organizations who work with seniors.

Many national organizations who work with seniors offer discounts on car rentals to members. These discounts are good for all domestic car rentals and most international car rentals. They can also be used towards car rentals purchased at the last minute in person or online.

If you're renting a car for more than two days, be on the lookout for package deals that offer discounts on car rental fees.

Many car rental agencies that do business with websites such as Car Rental Express offer special package deals to seniors who are renting a car for more than two days. These package deals are often a fantastic value for seniors because they offer deep discounts on long-term rental rates for most types of vehicles.

Furthermore, don't be afraid to book multiple reservations.

Many car rental agencies still allow customers to book reservations without leaving a deposit. As a result, seniors who are willing to spend time booking extra reservations can find terrific deals on car rentals by booking multiple reservations. If you do this, be sure to cancel the higher priced reservation before you're expected to collect the car to avoid any early termination fees.

Finally, try to obtain price quotes from several car rental agencies before booking a car rental.

It makes sense to obtain quotes from several car rental agencies because car rental rates tend to fluctuate during the year. Therefore, seniors can get a terrific deal on a car rental if they shop around for price quotes from reputable car rental companies, such as Car Rental Express, which provide price quotes from several leading car rental agencies. This is true because several car rental companies, including Car Rental Express, offer seniors a streamlined process that simplifies shopping for car rentals.

Seniors who use these tips can often save a lot of money on car rental fees because the competition for customers in the car rental industry is intense. As a result, seniors who use resources like Car Rental Express can expect to save a lot of money on car rental fees.

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