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Rental Tips
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Vehicle Types & Rental Tips

There are many different rental agencies that offer various types of cheap rental vehicles. Sometimes agency classification systems vary but they are usually similar in many ways. Here is an example of the different classes of cars available by most rental agencies.

Economy Suzuki Swift, Hyundai Accent, Chevrolet Metro *
2 2 adults, 2 children 1 large, 1 small suitcase 33-36mpg
Compact Ford Escort, Chevrolet Cavalier *
2 or 4 2 Adults, 2 Children 1 Large, 2 Small Suitcases 30mpg
Midsize Daewoo Leganza, Mazda 626 *
4 4 Adults, 1 child 1 Large, 2 Small Suitcases 26mpg
Standard Size Nissan Altima, Pontiac Grand Am *
4 5 Adults 2 Large, 2 Small Suitcase 25mpg
Full Size Ford Taurus, Buick Century *
4 5 Adults 2 Large, 3 Small Suitcases 23mpg
Convertible Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro *
2 2 Adults, 2 Children 2 Small Suitcases 21mpg
Premium Grand Marquis, Buick LeSabre *
4 5 adults, 1 child 3 Large, 2 Small Suitcases 21mpg
Luxury Lincoln Town Car, Buick Park Avenue *
4 6 Adults 4 Large, 2 Small Suitcases 21mpg
SUV Ford Sport Trac, Chevrolet Blazer *
4 4 Adults, 1 child 4 Large, 3 Small Suitcases 19mpg
SUV-Premium Ford Explorer *
4 5 adults 5 large suitcases 19mpg
Minivan Chrysler Caravan *
5 8 adults 2 Large, 2 Small Suitcases 15mpg
Full Size Van Ford Full Size Van 15 Passengers *
5 15 adults 2 large suitcases 13mpg

* These makes and models or ones that are similar.

When making a reservation for a cheap rental car, it is important that you know what type of vehicle will best suit your needs. Refer to the above chart to help you make your selection.

Before You Rent

Make sure you know the type of vehicle you need and for how long you want to rent it. Once you have inputted this information on, make sure to search for any special deals and/or discounts. Our local, independent companies will definitely provide you with competitive rates.

Internet Resources

Many companies often offer web-only discounts so take advantage of them whenever possible.


When booking your reservation make sure to look for discounts available to major national organizations, frequent-flyer programs and credit card programs to which you belong. Deals offered through AAA can also be very good. Finally, if you're employed by a company that frequently rents cars, they may have a negotiated rate. Make sure to check.

Get All the Details

Once you have made your online reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. Also remember, however, that you can contact the agency to inquire about more specific details of your rental. Be sure you understand all the conditions of your reservation. For example, is there a penalty for a no-show? How long will the car be held for you if you're stuck in traffic on the way to the pickup location? Is there a fee for additional drivers; must their names be listed in the contract? If applicable ask about any restrictions on interstate travel. For one-way rentals, ask about drop-off charges; this is important, as they can be expensive. For airport rentals, be sure to give the customer service representative your flight number and scheduled arrival time. This will usually protect your reservation if the flight is delayed.


If your first drive will be from an airport to a hotel for the night, it is a good idea to take a shuttle to the hotel to save the price of day's rental. In major cities, you could probably pick up the car downtown. Even if you must drive the same day your flight lands, you don't have to necessarily get the car at the airport. By picking it up downtown, you can often avoid airport surcharges. Before you drive away with the car, inspect it carefully for body damage. Report any defects to rental personnel at once.


Be aware that returning your cheap rental car early may be expensive because your rate structure may change. Also be sure the check-in attendant inspects the car's body in your presence and that you agree about any damage. Examine your rental agreement carefully for all charges and make sure they credit any deposit to your account while you wait.

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