How to Rent
Cars in the USA
Esential Tips for Car Rentals at Car Rental Express, the Comparison site

How to Rent Cars in the USA

United States car rental agencies are a convenient service for travelers or businesses requiring the use of a rental vehicle. Numerous vehicle models and types are available to serve consumer needs. Vehicle types range from a compact car to a luxury SUV. Depending upon your needs, desires and budget, a vehicle may be selected to accommodate you.

How to Search for and Select the Best Rental Agencies

Each agency has its own set of rules and regulations, as well as, vehicle model preference. Consumers must educate themselves about the product offering at each rental agency to determine if the desired rental is offered in the fleet. Most major rental agencies offer vehicle rental services in the major cities within the United States.

To begin your vehicle selection, search online for rental agencies that carry the model and type of vehicle you desire. Verify the rental agencies are available in the area where you desire to rent. Sort the results and compare the prices of the different rental agencies. Select the rental agency that has the best terms for rental and the best price.

Some companies offer rental agency comparison websites. These websites allow consumers to compare rental agencies from all over the world. Simply select the desired rental area in the country. The independent rental agencies in that region will appear in list format. Consumers will select the rental agency and the vehicle type from their preferred rental agency. These websites are convenient and save consumers a considerable amount of time.

What is Required to Rent Cars in the United States?

Ensure that you meet all of the requirements of the rental agency, such as: Minimum age requirements, driver’s license, second piece of identification, major credit card, deposits, insurance and any other requirements that the rental agency may impose. This will help renters avoid any unpleasant surprises at the rental counter.

Some rental agencies will accept cash payment or debit cards with a deposit. Each rental agency has different policies. Rules are imposed to protect the company’s fleet of vehicles. If a customer is viewed as high risk, the prices will be higher. Inquire with each agency to determine their policies.

How to make a Reservation

Reservations may be made online or by phone. Before making a reservation, customers should verify the vehicle he or she desires will be available during the pick-up window designated. This will guarantee that the customer receives the vehicle that he or she desires.

A credit card or debit card may be required to reserve a vehicle. Some rental agencies will accept a reservation without holding a credit card or debit card. Once the reservation is made, record any reservation numbers associated with the transaction. Take this number and the required information to the rental agency to pick up the car on the designated date. This number will help rental agents find your reservation in the system.

Where are Rental Agencies Located?

Rental agencies are usually located near airports or major retail areas in the United States. Some rental agencies are also located near residential areas for local renters. Most traveling renters will retrieve their vehicle from an airport location. Shuttles are provided by the rental agency if the rental site is not on the premises. Most rental agencies make it convenient to reach the rental agency by shuttle or taxi.

Car Rental Express (CRX) is a rental agency comparison website that offers consumers a selection of independent rental agencies from every major city in the United States and some locations abroad. This website saves consumers time, money and offers discounts.

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