Montreal, Quebec, a
Canadian City
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Montreal, Quebec, a Canadian City

Sporting Events

Montreal Canadiens Hockey and Montreal Expos Baseball provide both winter and summer sports selections for visitors. Or, you can take in an Alouettes Football game. That is North American style gridiron, not the soccer variety of the sport.

Speed Limits In Quebec

The speed limit signs are posted in kilometers per hour and most speedometers in Montreal rental cars will match. Most Quebec highway signs are posted in French, but some signs along Montreal's auto routes are bilingual. Check the local speed limit postings for city streets and highways, since these may often be lower than comparable ones in the US or Europe.

Strict Drinking And Driving Laws In Quebec

There is zero tolerance for learners and other onerous laws against drinking and driving in Montreal and other parts of the province of Quebec. The best policy is not to have any alcoholic beverages when planning to drive your Montreal rental car.