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Support FAQs

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Cookies are small pieces of information sent by Web Servers (Computers that host Websites) to a site viewer’s computer. Cookies often create user's login and registration information, preferences, "shopping carts", and other items. At the Car Rental Express site, cookies are used in a number of places. Most interactive websites on the internet use cookies to make things easier for visitors. As many as 97% of internet users allow cookies to be place on their computers.

It is important to allow cookies or to enable them, to complete the reservation process at This is the default setting for most browsers.

In order to provide you with the best value in online car rentals from independent car rental agencies, gives you the most powerful and simple to use agency assessment and rental tools on the Internet. exists to be the web's best reservation guide to independent car rental agencies.

The Car Rental Express booking engine is an interactive system called the Revolution reservation system. Car Rental Express member agencies access the Revolution system directly. These agencies input information regarding their vehicles, rates, policies, discounts, operating hours, and other important features of their rental operations.

The renter enters an itinerary into the Car Rental Express Rate Search™ system, selecting location, dates, times, and vehicle preferences. Revolution searches all agency data for this location, and produces a display of accurate, real-time rental data, including daily rates, total costs, vehicle types, and agency names and renter ratings.

Once a reservation has been made, the renter then begins their experience with the Independent Rental Agency, who is a member of the site.

While all reservations are selected from the Revolution system, it is not that actually rents you the car.

Independent Car Rental Agency are members of the site in your selected city. The Independent Agency rents you the car and gives you the key. The vehicles belong to the member Agencies, and not

Many agencies have different rental policies and requirements. We encourage you to use the City Comparison pages for Rentals to learn about any agency of interest to you. Check out the Agency Profile tab on our Rental pages, after selecting a vehicle.

The rental agencies listed on Car Rental Express are all independent car rental providers. Either they are an independent car rental agency or an independent franchisee of a larger, mid-tier car rental agency operating nationally or internationally.

These independent business people will do all that is reasonably necessary to get and keep your business. By dealing with the "owner", rather than the "manager", you will receive an extra measure of service that can only come from someone with a vested interest in the company.

The content on this site, while not guaranteed, has been obtained from sources that we believe are trusted and factual. The site content on is provided to you at no charge. You may print the material on this site for your own personal, non-commercial use. You may not use this site or information for commercial purposes without the explicit written permission of Express Internet Technologies Inc., the parent company of The content has been added to the site to make your use of the site more complete, purposeful and enjoyable. We provide this travel related information so that you may use it to help plan your trip.

We wish to ensure your privacy and the privacy of your personal information. We will not share your e-mail address or other specific personal information without your direct consent. Your profile information may be used to create personalized content, services and advertising on or related to the Site or any other sites owned or operated (either wholly or in part) by us. We may also use your profile information to create aggregate reports. Such profile information is anonymous and does not contain any personally identifiable information. We reserve the right to cooperate fully with local, provincial or state and federal officials in any investigation relating to any content provided by you (including personal or private electronic communications transmitted on the Site) or purported unlawful activities that may involve your participation.

Car Rental Express conforms to most applicable World Wide Web Consortium recommendations.

The following browsers have been tested and are expected to be fully functional with all areas of Car Rental Express:

If you are not currently using one of these browsers, you may need to upgrade to fully view and utilize Car Rental Express. If you are using a beta version of a browser, you also may encounter problems due to the pre-release nature of your software. Also, JavaScript should be enabled in your browser to ensure proper functionality.

Car Rental Express is best viewed on a screen resolution of 1024 by 600 or greater, with 256 colours.

On Internet Explorer, just go to and add the page to your Favorites. In Firefox, add it to your Bookmarks, and in Safari, add to Bookmarks.

To save a reservation from within a browser session, ask for a Quote by Email, in step 3, after selecting a vehicle.

What Does It Mean When I Get the Message:

"The page cannot be refreshed without resending the information. Click Retry to send the information again, or click Cancel to return to the page that you were trying to view?"

Car Rental Express uses a powerful database system to display many of its dynamic components. As a result, many details of your choices are saved, for example your desire to see premium cars only, or to search the New York area in January.

While this information is often stored on Car Rental Express's servers, occasionally it is stored on your personal computer (See: What Are Cookies?). When it is stored on your computer, if you refresh a page or press the back button you will occasionally see the above error message, requesting that you allow your computer to resubmit data to Car Rental Express.

Clicking "Retry" will almost always display your previous page with information correctly entered.

What do These Browser Messages Mean? Is my Computer or Privacy at Risk?

Internet Explorer:
"This page contains both secure and non-secure items. Do you want to display the non-secure items?"
"You have requested a secure document that contains some insecure information. The insecure information will not be shown. For more information on security choose Document Information from the View menu."

These messages actually are the result of our careful efforts to ensure your online security and privacy.

Car Rental Express proudly utilizes SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) with encryption verified by GeoTrust, the industry leader in secure Internet commerce. On any page where you must enter personal information, SSL and GeoTrust ensure that this information is protected and secure. However, on these pages there are also elements such as images, headers, and text that do not need to be secured, and therefore these pages contain both secure and non-secure items.

To summarize, these messages mean that your privacy is not at risk.

This error message occurs when the page you are trying to access no longer exists or cannot be found. Please contact Car Rental Express and the problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

A "500 Internal Server Error" Message means that something is wrong with the Car Rental Express server. If you receive this error message, please try again later. We monitor our servers closely to ensure maximum availability of the website.

Car Rental Express has done the utmost to ensure your privacy and security online.

As a result, has been created with an automatic feature that disconnects you and erases your personal data after a long period of inactivity. This ensures that you will not inadvertently share your information with other users of the same computer.

If you do receive this message, unfortunately your only option is to start your rental process again.

To cancel a car rental reservation click on the link at the bottom of the reservation confirmation email received from Car Rental Express.

If you no longer have the reservation confirmation email, but you have your reservation number, return to the Car Rental Express itinerary page of the car rental agency that you reserved with and click "cancel reservation". Enter your reservation number and your last name, and click on "cancel reservation" once again to finish the process.

If you have neither your reservation confirmation email nor your reservation number, please click on "Your Reservations", in the header at our site. Access your account or enter the email address you used to make a reservation. The system will locate reservations for you. Alternately, email Car Rental Express and we will assist you.

It is really easy to change a reservation at At any page on the site, select "Your Reservations" in the header. If you already have an account, that is great. Just go in and follow the simple steps to make a change. We can help if you have lost your password.

If you do not yet have an account, just enter your email address and create an account. The site and Revolution reservation system are smart enough to locate the reservations associated with your email address. You can make a change and receive a confirmation of that change.

A displayed rate from the Car Rental Express Rate Search™ system is the base rate for a vehicle over a requested rental period. The total amount including any taxes, fees, and extras is calculated for you during the course of the reservation process.

Before you confirm your reservation, you will be shown the total price or total charges for your car rental.

Every independent car rental agency makes its own decision as to what credit/debit cards it accepts. It is highly likely that most rental agencies accept the three major credit cards brands: Visa, Master Card, and American Express.

If you wish to use other credit and debit cards for your deposit or payment, it is best to first examine each agency's Policy information. When you have selected a vehicle, check the Policy and Insurance tab to get credit card information.

Each agency has its own Pick-Up and Drop-Off policies.

To find an agency's Pick-Up and Drop-Off policies, check the Agency Profile tab. Pick-ups and drop offs are one of the first business practices described there. Information may also be found at the Policies tab.

Yes! Each independent car rental agency sets its own corporate and discount policies. View the Car Rental Express Discounts area to find out if the agency that you wish to rent from currently has any discount coupons.

Some discount coupons are automatically deducted from the cost of your Car Rental Express rental. Other coupons must be printed and taken to the Car Rental Express member agency when you pick up the car.

Many agencies have special rates for corporate customers. The corporation is given an ID number that identifies special rates for this corporation that are housed in and pulled from the database.

If the rental agency has optional equipment (such as ski racks, or infant seats) this information is available in its respective "Agency Profile".

To find an agency's Special Equipment Availability, proceed to the World Directory, click on your region of interest, click on the city, choose your agency, and click on "rental policies" in the left hand bar to examine the Special Equipment availability in your area.

Once the reservation process is finished, a Reservation Confirmation Email is sent to the email address entered into the reservation system. This confirmation has all the necessary information concerning your reservation including dates, rates, vehicle type, agency location information, and rental policies.

We capture your email address twice to make sure you receive a confirmation. If it does not arrive, please check your junk email folder. For AOL and Hotmail users, it is especially important to check junk mail, since these services have very active mail filters.

The confirmation number for your reservation first appears on the "Thank You" page. This page is generated by the Revolution reservation system after the reservation is complete. This page is emailed to the email address you supplied during the reservation process.

If you are requested to pay an upfront deposit for a rental reservation, please make sure that you review and fully understand the rental agency's refund policy first. Check the Policy tab after selecting a vehicle.

If you are not able to pick up the car, please make sure that the reservation is cancelled. In the event where you have not cancelled the reservation and could not pick up the car, refer to the agency's rental policies concerning this situation.

Once the reservation process is finished, a Reservation Confirmation Email is sent to the email address entered into the reservation system. This confirmation has all the necessary information concerning your reservation including dates, rates, vehicle type, agency location information, and rental policies.

The Reservation Confirmation Email also contains contact information for your chosen agency, should you wish to contact them directly to further confirm your reservation.

If you no longer have your Reservation Confirmation Email, please contact your selected agency. Re-enter your location in the rental search box, and select any vehicle from the agency you chose before. You will see an email Inquiry button lower on the rental page, where you can contact the Agency directly. At the end of any communication, make sure you have a Confirmation number, otherwise, there may be no rental car waiting for you.

The rental rate as listed by the individual car rental agencies is the base rate for the length of the rental. As you proceed through the reservation process, insurance and other options will become available, allowing you to know the total price before you make a reservation. Insurance Policies vary by agency. Once you have selected a vehicle, you can check these at the Policies & Insurance tab of the rental center.

Most agencies require proof of existing Insurance to allow any insurance waivers. Again, do check the individual agency policies at the Policies & Insurance tab of the rental center.

Car Rental Express rentals generally cannot be one-way rentals. CRX affiliates are independent car rental agencies. Returning the rental car to other than the renting city is in most instances not possible.

Here is how you can check for one-way rentals: if you are travelling cross-country, choose a mid-tier or franchise agency in your Pick-up city or airport (an agency like Payless or Advantage). After selecting a vehicle, you will see an email Inquiry button lower on the rental page, where you can contact the Agency directly to ask about one-way rentals to other cities that they serve.

If you are staying in the region or in the same state, many agencies may offer one-way rentals. Send them an Inquiry, as above.

A valid drivers license from one US or Canadian jurisdiction is valid in other US and Canadian jurisdictions. For other out of country licenses, if the license is not in the language of the jurisdiction, an International license plus the local license is generally required. International licenses can usually be purchased at auto clubs.

Each rental agency sets its own policies concerning minimum age requirements. Generally, those 21 and older may rent a car. Under the age of 25 there might be a daily surcharge of $10.00, for example (this varies widely). Please check the agency's individual rental policies. After selecting a vehicle, go to the Policies tab to see if they have age restrictions or fees.