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Great experience.
Mon May 20, 2024 - Renter Review

Thank You
Sat May 4, 2024 - Renter Review

Prompt at picking me up and taking me to the airport.
Sat Apr 27, 2024 - Renter Review

Picking up and returning car is easy and quick. Hope can rent car from United Auto Rental again.
Thu Apr 25, 2024 - Renter Review

The agent was very nice. The car on the other hand was not as clean as I expected it to be. There was garbage under the seat that had gum all over it. The breaks on that car need to be replaced or looked at because they made a lot of noise and the ceiling in the car looks like it is never cleaned. I was going to clean it myself but I’m not getting paid for it so I didn’t. But these are things that should be cleaned after every use. Also I got 75 dollars taken from my bank after I checked in.
Tue Apr 23, 2024 - Renter Review

United's price was almost half of what my AAA membership quoted me with the bigger, more brand name rental agencies eg) Hertz etc.. It was well worth my time and money to rent from United!
Tue Apr 16, 2024 - Renter Review

Staff took great effort to note vehicle condition; policies regarding out of state travel could be more clearly posted (posted in-store about no travel to Mexico but not about only CA, NV, AZ only).
Thu Apr 11, 2024 - Renter Review

great service
Thu Apr 11, 2024 - Renter Review

Only wish I could park at a rental lot, not a random normal lot, but turned out fine.
Sun Apr 7, 2024 - Renter Review

I was responsible for transporting 8 teenage girls and another adult. We had quite the adventure planned. The large passenger van was difficult to secure at other places. The reservation process with United was quick and easy. They are located close to the airport. They met us at the airport to get us all and returned us there. The luggage fit really well. The vehicle felt safe and reliable. Everything was very straight forward. Great experience!!!! It was so great and amazing how well it went.
Sat Apr 6, 2024 - Renter Review