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I thought the sending of a video of the condition of the car was a good idea so both vendor and client had a record.

Report abuse Tue Nov 27, 2018 - Renter Review

Worst car experience ever If you are not a US resident and Insured with an American policy in the US DO NOT RENT FROM THIS HORRIBLE AGENCY TOTAL RIPOFF I went ack to the Aitport and got a great deal with Alamo These supposed Cheap rentals are a SCAM NEVER EVER AGAIN

Report abuse Wed Oct 24, 2018 - Cds

The service was great. I would use them again.

Report abuse Sun Jul 22, 2018 - Val

I reserved a convertible but was given a Jetta. The office worker couldn't speak English. I had to call many times to confirm my pickup until someone that speaks English was available. My insurance was provided but the guy that picked me up claimed he couldn't update the contract because it was late at night on a Saturday and assured me everything would be updated Monday and I would be refunded for the insurance cost.He still charged me $125 for insurance and refuse to give me a refund. HORRIBLE

Report abuse Mon Jul 9, 2018 - Renter Review