How to Find
Parking Spots Online
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How to Find Parking Spots Online

ParkingAre you tired of circling, fingers crossed, looking for a parking spot? You’re not alone. Car rental drivers far and wide waste hours every year looking for an open space. But that’s all about to change thanks to a handful of useful online parking tools. More and more resources are popping up on the Web to help travelers located both long and short term parking options. From comparison websites to iPhone apps, finding a parking spot has never been easier!

Parking Comparison Websites
If you’re planning to leave your car in a long term lot, the folks here at Car Rentals Express recommend reviewing available rates using a parking comparisons website (need a car rental? Then check out our car rental comparison tool). These sites will provide you with detailed space listings as well as rates and optional services (car wash, anyone?)

Our picks include:

• – This site scours parking garages in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. Car rental travelers can review rates and space availability right online. There’s even a phone app for on-the-go folks.

• – Tap into real time parking data with this useful little site. Register and you can even reserve spots in advance. Great for avid travelers, the ParkingCarma site serves multiple U.S. cities.

Parking Spot Rentals
If you want to guarantee yourself a spot, the staff at Car Rental Express recommend renting open spaces. Spots will cost you a pretty penny, but at least you won’t waste half your vacation circling the block. To rent a spot, check out:

• This site specializes in renting our parking spaces close to sporting venues, airports, and… well, just about anywhere! The site serves Australia, Canada, Ireland, the UK, the US, New Zealand and the Netherlands.

• – This site offers parking rental options around airports and arenas. Daily and monthly rentals are available.

• – Parking garages are listed inventory-style on this website along with links to information. Desktop and mobile apps are available.

Mobile Applications
If you’re in a real pinch, mobile parking apps can be a heaven sent. Simply download the application to your smartphone and you’ll enjoy instant access to thousands of parking spots around the world. Top picks include:

•    Parker Mobile – Developed by Streetline, the Parker Mobile app offers real-time parking data streamed directly to your phone. Simply look for Streetline’s electronic street signs at intersections in participating cities and then check your phone for parking spot availability. The Parker app currently services city’s like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Roosevelt Island in New York City. This app is available for free.

•    PrimoSpot – Available for New York City, Boston, and the Seattle metro areas, the PrimoSpot app allows you to view on-street free and metered parking, garages, and even bike racks. Cost is $2.99.

•    OpenSpot – OpenSpot is an app for Android phones that shows open parking spaces near your location. The app appears to work in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands and has the capability of pulling up parking spots within 0.9 miles of your location.


•    Parkopedia – This app provides comprehensive coverage of all paid and free parking garages and allows you to search using your current location or an address. Loaded with useful information, this app includes opening hours, up-to-date prices, real-time space availability and even height restrictions.

Parking doesn’t have to be a pain. Arm yourself with these useful tools to ensure quick and easy parking during your next Car Rental Express vacation.

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