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CRX Urges You to be Extra Safe this Halloween

Every Halloween, there’s an increased number of pedestrians strolling around the streets, which means that drivers have to be even more alert and aware than usual. According to, the risk of automobile accidents that involve young pedestrians goes up by 400% on Halloween. If you’re not snagging a car rental deal to get out of town, you’ll have to follow these safety rules on Halloween.

It’s also important to remember that some people go Trick or Treating on days other than Halloween, too. For example, since Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, some parents of school-aged children may opt to take them out on Friday instead because it’s not a school night. Some parents opt to use a cheap van rental to bring kids from neighborhood to neighborhood, reducing the amount of walking they have to do.

Drunk drivers are a real concern on Halloween night. While people shouldn’t be drinking and driving any night of the year, it’s even more risky to get behind the wheel after you’ve had a drink on Halloween, because there are so many people walking around.

Visibility is lowest at dusk and it’s important to know the increased risks when driving at this time of the evening. While it’s also important to be extra careful driving in the dark, lowest visibility is actually at dusk. If at all possible, it’s best to not drive at all while the sun’s setting.

It’s recommended by the DMV that drivers stay below the speed limit on Halloween, particularly in residential areas where there are bound to be more people out and about. Don’t pass other vehicles either - they may be slowing down so that pedestrians can cross the road. Children often dart in and out of cars, so it’s important to watch carefully for kids even in places you don’t expect to see them.

If you’re traveling on Halloween, you’ll need a vehicle that you can count on. Independently-owned agencies offer tons of car rental discounts and cheap car rentals to keep you safe and secure while traveling on a holiday.

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