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Client Car Rentals
There are many different types of renters. Below, you will find detailed information on different categories of travelers so you can decide which best suits you.

Business & Corporate Client Car Rentals

Car Rental Express welcomes all corporate clients with excellent rates, superb quality, and service you can count on each visit. Whether you need a compact car for a quick day of efficient business traveling, a luxury SUV or a fancy sports car to impress a potential business client, the cheap car rentals from Car Rental Express are sure to provide an excellent drive during your corporate stay.

Corporate Clients

By definition, corporate clients are those individuals who require a car to use for business purposes. Whether you need a car when travelling, for work at home or for visiting clients or employees, Car Rental Express considers you a corporate client.

Our agencies know the specific needs of corporate drivers and what they want - a quality car rental, fast and efficient service, friendly staff, and special corporate rates. On an annual basis, the agencies of Car Rental Express provide convenient car rentals to thousands and thousands of corporate travelers around the globe.

The Car Rental Express Difference

Car rentals booked through Car Rental Express can meet your corporate needs in a number of different ways. Whether you need a single car for one employee or an entire fleet for a convention group, Car Rental Express agencies can provide you with what you need. Consider the following different suggestions on how Car Rental Express agencies can serve your corporate needs:

Visiting Employees

No matter where your employees are traveling on business, you can rely on cheap car rentals from Car Rental Express agencies to get them there safely and on time. Consider Car Rental Express rental cars for employees traveling to other cities as well as for those needing transportation within their own city

Potential Clients

If your business will be entertaining potential business clients in the near future, seriously consider an impressive rental car to get your meeting off to the right start. By offering a luxury SUV rental, a comfortable sedan, or a fancy sports car, you can show your potential business clients how important their business is.

Local Traveling

Don't worry about having to pay employees for the mileage they incur on their own car for business travel. Instead, reserve one of our rental cars.

Convention Groups

Your business can benefit by providing employees with car rentals during conventions or large meetings. Make your employees feel appreciated and give them the opportunity to enjoy the use of a rented car once the workday is done.

Group Gatherings

Consider large car rentals for your corporate needs if your business has an upcoming party or celebratory event. Don't waste money on expensive taxicabs to transport employees to and from an event and make the most of your event's budget. Large car rentals such as Mini Vans, SUVs, or Passenger Vans, are perfect for getting your employees safely to and from any employee event.

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